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Coronation Street’s Daisy follows in stalker’s footsteps after ‘obsession’ with Ryan


Daisy Midgeley from Coronation Street has been struggling with her guilt over catfishing Ryan Connor despite still having feelings for him, according to an exclusive report.
Daisy Midgeley (played by Charlotte Jordan) was adamant about aiding Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) in his recovery despite their previous romantic relationship.

She has, however, begun to fall for Ryan once more, and the two have even shared a kiss behind The Rovers.

The Daisy actress Charlotte Jordan has discussed her feelings for Ryan and hinted that there may be a darker side to her character.

In upcoming scenes, Rob Mallard’s character Daniel Osbourne tells Daisy that Ryan isn’t handling his situation well and implores her to visit him.

Charlotte acknowledged when asked if Daisy was anxious to see Ryan again: “Yes, and rightly so because he has said, ‘Let’s just put some space between us, the lines are getting really blurred here.'”

She can’t stay away from Ryan for very long though because she has this obsession with him; it’s as if she needs to know if he’s okay for her to be okay.

“It’s all a result of her avoiding dealing with her own trauma,” the author said.

Will Daisy follow Justin’s example and develop an obsession with Ryan? Will she finally back off after realizing she was getting too close?

According to confirmed spoilers, Daisy visits Ryan despite feeling guilty about catfishing.

Things change, though, when Ryan confesses that he has missed Daisy and leans in for a kiss, prompting Daisy to give him her own passionate kiss in return.

Their happiness is short-lived, however, as Ryan reveals that he has discovered that Carla was the catfisher pretending to be Crystal after speaking with Max Turner (Paddy Beaver). Carla Connor (Alison King) breaks up their kiss.

Daniel discovered Daisy’s secret activities after Max had previously been given Daisy’s extra phone, which Daisy was using to pose as Crystal.
Daisy makes a valiant effort to explain how, following the assault, Crystal made it clear that she had no desire to interact with him and was merely acting to spare his feelings.

Ryan says it’s time Daniel knew about their kisses as she attempts to argue her case once more, insisting that her intentions were honorable. Ryan then heads off.


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