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Coronation Street’s Daisy Midgeley devastated as Justin’s sister sabotages trial


Next week will see the start of Coronation Street criminal Justin Rutherford’s trial, and Ryan Connor and Daisy Midgeley are both eager to see him punished for his misdeeds.
Back in March, Andrew Still’s character Justin Rutherford’s (who was obsessed with Daisy Midgeley, played by Charlotte Jordan), took a nasty turn.

On the day of her wedding, Justin showed up at the Rovers and attempted to hurl acid in her face, but Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) leaped in front and took the brunt of the blows.

Since the incident, the two have become close and have made an effort to move on, but with the trial approaching, they can’t help but worry that Justin will get away with his crime.

In following scenes, Justin’s sister Karen Rutherford (Lynn Kennedy) pays a visit to the Rovers and apologizes to Daisy for Justin’s attack and expresses her hope that he would be relegated to the lower levels of the military.

Although Carla Connor (Alison King) and Ryan are horrified to see Justin’s sister in the Rovers, a fight breaks out between them and Daisy as a result of her support.

As they trade insults, Ryan strikes first and tells Daisy how she went out of her way to keep him apart from Alya Nazir (Sair Khan).

Later, when Ryan departs for court, Karen acknowledges that she informed Justin’s attorney about Daisy’s history of deception.

Ryan enters Street Cars apartment again since he is too upset to appear in court. Carla makes a desperate call to Ryan after learning that he does not appear in court.

Daisy phones Ryan’s apartment out of concern and desperation to get him to return to court. Ryan then shocks Daisy by admitting that Karen had been eavesdropping on them.

Daisy urges Ryan to change his mind because Justin could get away without his proof, but will he listen?

Meanwhile, Daisy is overanalyzing her evidence since she is too afraid to go up against Justin in court without Ryan’s support.

Rob Mallard’s Daniel Osbourne begs Ryan to change his mind and reminds him that Daisy would live in perpetual terror if Justin is allowed to go free, but Ryan won’t listen.

Daisy breaks down in tears as the usher calls her into the courtroom and tells Daniel she can’t face Justin and the jury.

Daniel steps forward to testify on behalf of Daisy and Justin, telling the court about how Justin pursued Daisy nonstop prior to his acid assault.

Daisy feels so much pressure that she starts to escape, but Carla notices her and tells her to get up and show Justin that he can’t control her.

Daisy approaches the witness stand ready to tell the truth while Daniel is grilled by the defense attorney, who portrays Daisy as erratic and easily influenced.

Will she possess the fortitude to deal with Justin and relive the assault?

Ryan ultimately enters the witness box after debating what he should do and tells the court how Justin threw the acid with the intention of hitting Daisy, but he was hit with the full force, causing him to feel unbearable pain.

Ryan is being cross-examined by the defense attorney, who implies that he is in love with Daisy and that the two of them planned the acid assault together, shocking both Ryan and Daisy.

How would Justin describe the events as he enters the witness box? How will the judge respond to his claims?

Is Justin about to get away and cause Daisy and Ryan more trouble?


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