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Coronation Street’s Daisy Midgeley in danger as Justin wants her to ‘suffer’ after trial


Justin Rutherford, a criminal from Coronation Street, is scheduled to appear in court the following week and is determined to leave his crimes unpunished.

Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) took the brunt of the acid that was thrown by Coronation Street stalker Justin Rutherford (played by Andrew Still) at Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) back in March.

The trial is scheduled to begin the following week with Daisy and Ryan going up against Justin, who has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Since the moment he discovered Daisy on social media, Justin has made her life miserable, and actor Andrew has revealed that his character wants to make things even worse for her.

It’s complicated, he said, because the hostility he felt toward Daisy prior to the attack was brought on by the stress of both her rejection and the passing of his mother.

“Everything was coming to a head, but after the attack, he relapsed into his obsession with her, as we saw in the scenes where he was in the car in the hospital parking lot.

He has already started to feel as though she is the kind of hope he can cling to. So no, he isn’t desperately trying to make her pay for turning him down.

He is caught in a cycle of objectification and hatred, and his moods and circumstances determine how far he swings from one extreme to the other.

Daisy must contend with his sister Karen Rutherford (Lynn Kennedy), in addition to Justin fabricating lies to win his freedom.

According to official spoilers, she intends to fabricate lies about Daisy to persuade the judge to rule in Justin’s favor.

Andrew continued, speaking of his difficult relationship with his sister: “Justin and Karen have spoken.

“Justin has been very cunning and has been actively working behind the scenes to plan his defense by putting his sister in a very awkward situation.

“By bringing up their mother and really pushing that heavily on her, Justin is guilt-tripping his sister.

He is now the only family she has, so he is using that against her, and it just goes to show how he can manipulate others to get what he wants.

He doesn’t even perceive his actions as using others; rather, they are a means to an end for him.

Will Justin get away and halt the advancement of both Ryan and Daisy?

Could Justin resume stalking Daisy and finally exact the retribution he intended if he is able to escape the charge?


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