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Coronation Street’s Daniel Osbourne uncovers the truth behind Daisy’s catfishing


After Crystal left for Ibiza, Ryan Connor of Coronation Street became convinced that he had been speaking to his recent crush.

Prior to the acid attack, Ryan Connor of Coronation Street (played by Ryan Prescott) was planning to relocate to Ibiza with his new love interest Crystal.

Crystal informed Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) that she was returning to Ibiza because she was unable to handle the responsibility of caring for Ryan after she had visited him in the hospital.

Daisy made the decision to start messaging Ryan as Crystal in order to give him some sort of hope while he was recovering because she was unable to tell Ryan the truth about where she had gone.

She is now in a worse situation because she hasn’t yet told Ryan the truth and the two aren’t speaking.

Daniel observes a strange conversation between Daisy and Ryan as they head to court in the following scenes.

‘Crystal’ texts Daisy, telling her that Ryan went to see Daisy but later felt it was a huge mistake.

Back in the courtroom, both attorneys make their closing arguments as Justin is escorted to the witness stand, causing Daisy’s optimism to wane.

Daniel questions Daisy about the tense relationship she has with Ryan while the jury is outside considering the evidence that has been presented to them.

Daisy gives the impression that she is suffering from guilt over having allowed him to believe that he was dating Crystal.

What will the jury’s decision be once they have returned? Will Justin’s crimes against Ryan and Daisy finally result in punishment?

After arriving at his house, Carla Connor (Alison King) advises Ryan to look into the catfishing and tell the police about the perpetrators.

While trying to mend her friendship with Ryan, Daisy conceals her anxiety as she learns the truth about Crystal.

Daniel assures Daisy that Ryan will need her friendship more than ever now that Crystal is gone, but will she be able to do so knowing what she has caused him to go through?

In a recent interview, actor Ryan Prescott discussed the upcoming revelation, saying: “The thing is, Ryan has had such an intimate back-and-forth with ‘Crystal’ over the past month or so that he is genuinely starting to believe that in a different world, in a different time, or somewhere down the line that there might be something there with her because they have developed an actual relationship.

There has been a lot of chemistry between them naturally, and Ryan enjoys supporting their union.

“Since he has been so open and ‘himself’ with this person, he would feel humiliated to learn that it has been Daisy the entire time.

He would explode with hatred for Daisy because he believes he has lost both Crystal and Daisy all at once.


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