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Coronation Street’s Ellie Leach splits from model boyfriend after five years


After a five-year romance, Ellie Leach of Coronation Street has broken up with her partner.

Last Monday (May 24), the actress quit her job as Faye Windass and moved to Slough with Jackson (Joseph Evans) and their daughter Miley.

Faye found it difficult to leave since she first believed it would be preferable to remain on the cobblestones with Craig (Colson Smith), who was threatening to inform the police about Faye and Emma’s hit-and-run accident in January.

Fortunately, after seeing some pictures of the family, Craig saw that Faye would be much happier somewhere else.

She stopped once more to say farewell to her best friend before getting into a taxi and driving off the cobbles.

Faye expressed her gratitude to Craig for his support throughout their time in school, claiming that she wouldn’t be the person she is today without him.

After 12 years, Ellie’s tenure on the show came to an end with Faye’s departure.

After meeting while studying performing arts in college, it is now said that she and Reagan Pettman have chosen to “call things a day” because they have so much to discover now that she has left the serial opera.

According to a source who spoke to The Sun, “Ellie has the world at her feet after stepping away from Corrie and she has taken time to reflect on which direction her life is going in.”

Ellie and Reagan made the decision to end their relationship, and now she is maximising her time as a single woman.

Ellie recently shared with us her thoughts on her experience on the show and her departure, saying, “It was very, very emotional.” Naturally, Faye is leaving the Street after 12 years, but I’m also departing after 12 years.

The most heartbreaking aspect of the scene is when we’re in the taxi heading somewhere and we just happen to notice Craig strolling up the street by himself. “Stop the car!” cries Faye. I’ll always adore you, she declares as she steps outside. I’ve done so always and I always will.

It was simply so emotionally charged. I believe you can see that there are two persons involved who genuinely care for one another. Love isn’t always enough, and I believe the scene made that point quite clear.

We shot the sequences out of order, so she said, “I had already shot my last scene the day before and then I had kind of gone back in time.”

“The final scene I shot involved Colson, Mikey North, and Lisa George.” It was incredibly great because Mikey, who plays my brother, and I hadn’t worked together recently.

“It was really, so emotional, but I kind of felt incredibly pleased and lucky and loved,” the actor said after the sequence was over. “There were people on the floor and my family came to watch. The tears I shed were joyful ones as I thought, “I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for so long and that all of these people are here to kind of wave me off.” After that, we headed out for drinks. Just an absolutely beautiful day and evening.


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