Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Coronation Street’s Evelyn Plummer star teases return of ‘difficult’ character


Since Dame Maureen Lipman will be taking a break from Coronation Street, Evelyn Plummer won’t be appearing for a few weeks. Cassie, her daughter, will be waiting for her when she returns.
The daughter of Dame Maureen Lipman’s Coronation Street character has been hinted at returning.

Since 2018, the actress has been portraying the witty Evelyn Plummer on the Street.
As Maureen switches from screen to stage for a few weeks, she is now prepared to leave the venerable soap opera behind.

Maureen gave a subtle hint, but it is still unclear what the plot will be that ends with Evelyn’s departure.

Maureen made a hint that the story would center on Evelyn’s long-lost daughter when she spoke with Lorraine Kelly.

Evelyn’s daughter will be portrayed by Claire Sweeney, and Maureen made the suggestion that she is “a difficult one”.

Lorraine was perplexed and questioned, “We thought that Evelyn’s daughter wasn’t with us anymore, but she is, and she’s coming back?”

Simply teasing, Maureen said, “We don’t question the back story.”

I don’t know how much I’m supposed to talk about this, she continued.

But I have to go to a play, so Claire Sweeney, who will be playing my long-lost daughter, will be coming to Corrie.

She’s a difficult girl; you wonder why, given what a great mother she has.

Tyrone thinks Cassandra is dead, but Coronation Street has already teased her arrival.

In 2018, when Tyrone learned that Evelyn was his grandmother, she told him that Cassie was dead and that she had abandoned him in front of a police station.

He was discovered by Jackie Dobbs (Margi Clarke), who raised Tyrone as her own.

Tyrone is sure to ask his grandmother a lot of questions after Cassandra makes her debut on June 28.

Maureen will be absent from the soap for four weeks at the end of May because she will be performing her one-woman play Rose on the West End.

Fans can anticipate Evelyn’s story coming to a close before summer, according to this.

However, Maureen will return to the cobbles after her play is over because she just signed a one-year contract with her employers.


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