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Coronation Street’s Gemma Winter ‘completely devastated’ by heartbreaking news


EXCLUSIVE: When Paul Foreman learned he had Motor Neurone Disease earlier this year, Coronation Street viewers were devastated. Actress Dolly Rose Campbell said that even though he’s keeping it a secret from his loved ones right now, his on-screen sister Gemma will be devastated when the truth comes out.
Paul (played by Peter Ash) began to have some troubling symptoms after getting into a bike accident earlier this year, such as having trouble gripping objects.

When Paul broke down in Dee-Dee Bailey’s (Channique Sterling-Brown) car at the end of April, Coronation Street viewers watched him receive an official diagnosis of MND following a battery of tests.

Despite the friend’s support, viewers have watched him hide his diagnosis from his loved ones and Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank), his partner.

His diagnosis occurs as his twin sister Gemma (Dolly Rose Campbell), who is engaged to Sam Aston’s Chesney Brown, is busy planning her nuptials.
The actress Dolly provided exclusive insight to and other media outlets into Gemma’s response to Paul’s diagnosis.

She declared: “It goes without saying that she will be sad because Paul has been there her entire life.

They have been together their entire lives because they are twins and not simply brother and sister.

“I believe she would take a strong stance. Even though they are a little unconventional as a family, they genuinely care for one another.

They support one another and care about one other. Therefore, I have no doubt that they will take care of him however they see fit.

Viewers of the ITV soap opera have observed Paul struggle to use his hand to grip lately, which is a typical MND sign.

Dolly acknowledges that this is likely due to how busy his sister’s life is because it doesn’t seem to be being recognized by those closest to him.

Paul is incredibly obstinate and demands that things go his way, she said.

He doesn’t want to be seen with individuals who want to blame the family for everything.

He’s concealing it well, but Gemma’s life is already quite busy with her family, her career, and all of her problems.

“I don’t believe the wedding is the only reason she might not have noticed.

Her life is so hectic in general that she probably has trouble noticing things that are right in front of her.


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