Thursday, September 28, 2023

Coronation Street’s Justin to get his comeuppance as he has his day in court


Watchers of Coronation Street will see Daisy Midgeley’s stalker Justin Rutherford appear in court after attempting to attack her with acid. Ryan Connor, however, was the one who was attacked after stepping in the way.

ITV soap opera viewers saw Justin (Andrew Still) take unfavorable action on Daisy’s (Charlotte Jordan) wedding day in March.

After falling hopelessly in love with her for months and having been repeatedly rejected by the bartender, he tried to throw acid at her.

His sick plan, which was intended to show that he would still love her despite the burns he would have caused, changed course when Ryan (Ryan Prescott) jumped in the way.

Since the attack, viewers of Coronation Street have witnessed Ryan’s struggle to accept his new appearance following skin grafts to his face and neck.

It appears that justice may be served in upcoming scenes as Justin finally gets his day in court.

Daisy admits to Ken Barlow (William Roache) and Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) that she won’t be able to unwind completely until Justin is permanently imprisoned on the day.

Daisy tells Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) later on in the Rovers that Justin had admitted to assaulting her.

He is still a free man, though, so she still feels uneasy.

Jenny assures Daisy that, after the trial the following week, things will be different and that he will be sentenced in an effort to reassure her.

Will Daisy have faith in the authorities when it comes to the final decision, though, given how frequently she was let down by the police when she reported Justin’s stalking?

Ryan has been talking to potential love interest Crystal (Erin Austen) for solace ever since the attack.

Unbeknownst to him, he has been conversing with Daisy, who has been posing as the Ibiza DJ since she decided to break up with Ryan following the attack.

Viewers have criticized Daisy’s actions over the past few weeks because they believe Ryan will be devastated when he learns the truth.

When asked about Daisy’s pretense, actress Charlotte Jordan acknowledges that her persona has good intentions.

“Daisy’s plan is totally the wrong thing to do and it’s absolutely ridiculous,” the soap opera star told Metro, “but it does come from a good place.”Daisy is acting in this way to give Ryan some time to heal, not because she wants to cause trouble.


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