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Coronation Street’s Maria Connor star had ‘medical assistance’ after mistake on ITV show


In the third season of ITV’s Cooking With The Stars, Samia Longchambon trades the cobblestones for the kitchen.

Samia Longchambon of Coronation Street revealed she had an unfortunate incident on Cooking With the Stars that required medical attention.

The actress was questioned about any production-related mishaps before the ITV show returned to screens on July 4.

“Actually, there was a disaster in training when I burned my thumb and all of my fingers,” she recalled.

“I made a really stupid mistake. Jean-Christophe had instructed me to cover the pan handle with a tea towel, which I did.

“But, I also forgot the lid had also been in the oven.

I burned my thumb and all of my fingers when I removed the lid with my other hand; however, I’m fine now.

Samia is best known for her over 20-year tenure as Maria Connor in Coronation Street, though she temporarily left Weatherfield to participate in the cooking show.

The 40-year-old will be joining people like Peter Andre, Chris Eubank, Joanna Page, Jason Watkins, and Chris Watkins.

Additionally competing in the third series are Love Island’s Indiyah Polack, Matt Willis, and Claire Richards.

Samia responded when asked why she wants to compete, “I’ve wanted to do this show for a long time because I love cooking.

Apart from during the summer when there are barbecues, I don’t really cook for a lot of people. I cook for my kids and my husband.

“I frequently take care of the family in the same ways. I wished to increase my skill set.

ITV viewers will watch the eight stars as they follow the advice of their chef mentors as they attempt to produce the winning dish in a series of intense Cooking Battles throughout the course of the series.

The loser of each battle will then compete in the cook-off for a chance to advance in the competition by making a dish that has never been made before.

The losing celebrity might be sent home by their own mentor because the judges blindly taste each dish.

It’s time to find out who will succeed Dr. Ranj Singh in winning the show now that hosts Emma Willis and Tom Allen are back.


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