Thursday, September 28, 2023

Coronation Street’s Paul Foreman makes huge decision as he fears death


Paul Foreman of Coronation Street recently informed his loved ones that he has Motor Neurone Disease (MND), a diagnosis he received earlier this year.

In upcoming scenes, viewers of Coronation Street will witness Paul Foreman (played by Peter Ash) make a significant decision regarding his future.

Paul begins to consider the fact that there is currently no treatment for his health condition, according to official ITV soap opera spoilers.

He begins to discuss his views on religion and sexuality as he is talking to his partner Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank).

Billy, who is an archdeacon, offers to baptize Paul after hearing his worries.

Paul abruptly objects and adamantly states that it is not for him before ending the exchange.

But it appears that Paul might reconsider after visiting his close friend Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown).

Dee-Dee explains that she has found solace in her religious convictions as the conversation once more turns to religion, giving Paul some food for thought.

Fans of Coronation Street are aware that Paul’s time in Weatherfield is finite as MND reduces life expectancy.

Actor Daniel Brocklebank acknowledged that the cast is mourning both the character and Peter in an interview with about the actor’s impending departure.

He remarked, “It’s funny, even though we know it’s not real, of course.

But there is also a deep sadness in knowing that Pete’s time on the show is now coming to an end.

“I mean, Jane Hazelgrove, who unmistakably portrays Bernie, is unable to control her bl**dy tears at all.

“Like, you know, she starts crying when she sees Pete hobbling onto the set.

“We’re saddened by Peter leaving rather than his death, which is a blessing. The feelings are real.

The soap star discussed what viewers can anticipate in Paul’s final months before his passing, as Paul and Billy’s time together was about to come to a tragic end.

He continued, “I think there will be some really nice moments. I think it’s going to be a really lovely blend.

Billy and Paul, you know, are really crossing things off of bucket lists of adventures together and trying to be happy all the time.


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