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Coronation Street’s Paul Foreman to enjoy final holiday with Billy as health deteriorates


Paul Foreman’s health has gotten worse in recent episodes of Coronation Street as his motor neurone disease has started to limit the movement in his leg. According to official spoilers, Billy Mayhew is determined to make the most of their remaining time together by taking one last vacation.

Fans of the ITV soap opera have seen Paul (played by Peter Ash) choose to keep his health a secret since receiving his MND diagnosis earlier this year.

However, as his leg begins to deteriorate, some Weatherfield residents, including his partner Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank), have begun to notice something isn’t quite right.

After his court date and Gemma’s (Dolly Campbell) wedding, Paul promised Dee Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) that he would finally tell Billy and his family.

Billy will soon learn the truth, according to Coronation Street executives, though it’s not yet clear how he will learn it.

He’s determined to create some special memories with Paul as the reality of what’s happening to his partner sets in, according to official spoilers for the upcoming episode.

Paul visits the hospital to find out if he qualifies for the Tofersen treatment after recently learning that it might help slow the progression of his MND.

It’s not looking good for Paul, though, as it’s only appropriate for a small proportion of those with the condition.

Billy joins Paul at the appointment to meet with the MND specialist as a sign of support.

Later in the week, Billy decides that a vacation would be a fantastic short-term diversion in order to cheer up Paul.

Paul decides to go and gathers a few last-minute items, but is taken aback when Billy arrives outside in the church minibus.

Paul, who admits he’s borrowing it for their trip, finds Billy’s inflatable animal decorations on the bus amusing.

The two leave Weatherfield to spend one last holiday together while they still have the chance as his friends gather to wave them off.

Although a specific date has not yet been established, Coronation Street has confirmed that actor Peter Ash will leave the program as a result of Paul’s MND storyline.

The soap star admitted it was a mixture of emotions when he found out what was in store for his character.

I’ll be sad to leave the show, he said. I’ve had such a wonderful job and met some wonderful people.

“So while I’ll be sorry to leave, I’m also glad to be a part of such a compelling storyline that hopefully will raise awareness of it. It has two sharp edges.


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