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Coronation Street’s Roy Cropper sparks concern as Nina Lucas forced to intervene


Roy Cropper from Coronation Street has recently developed an intriguing obsession.
After his niece Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) was involved in an accident, Roy Cropper (played by David Nielsen) changed his mind about getting a mobile phone. However, Nina worries about Roy and his latest obsession in upcoming Coronation Street episodes.

Evelyn Plummer (Maureen Lipman) is approached by Roy in the café with the idea of returning to her position at the charity shop.

While doing so, he is checking his phone for updates regarding an ongoing excavation of a nearby Roman fort.

Alison King’s character Carla Connor admitted to Nina that she worries Roy will develop a phone compulsion.

The child decides to watch her uncle and realizes Carla might be onto something.

Nina notices Roy fiddling with his phone and worries he’ll get sidetracked or overly involved.

She issues her uncle a challenge to put his pone away and finish his shift without looking at it.

Will Roy be up to the task or is he too dependent on his phone?

Iain MacLeod, the show’s executive producer, previously discussed the plot, saying he thought actor David would detest it.

Iain said, “It’s a typical Corrie story about Roy and his addiction to his phone.

When I first arrived at Corrie, I had heard rumors that Roy would never be allowed to own a mobile phone was David Neilson’s “one red line.”

I hid when we were developing the plot because I thought he might go crazy.

“In the end, he didn’t, and he really appreciates the humor behind it,” the Corrie showrunner continued. By the end of the story, normal operations have obviously somewhat resumed.

Roy won’t be sharing any TikTok videos or similar content. The journey surrounding the generation gap between him and Nina will be enjoyable.

Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) hosts a covet tour of the underworld factory elsewhere on the cobbles.
Rufus from Donahues meets up with Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien) and Michael (Ryan Russell) to see their samples.

Later, Stephen takes Rufus on a tour of the factory, but as soon as Carla comes back, Stephen quickly directs Rufus away.

Stephen, who believes Carla is his personal assistant, tells Rufus in the bistro that he wants exclusive rights to their goods before answering Rufus’ questions.

When Rufus tells Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) that he is here to make a deal with the factory, Peter is taken aback.

Sarah, Michael, and Stephen toast their new prosperous business in the bistro.

Will Carla realize what Stephen was planning when Peter says that he gave Rufus a ride and that he appears to be working out a deal with the factory?


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