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Coronation Street’s Ryan Connor set for heartbreak as Daisy’s lies face exposure


Future scenes in Coronation Street could show Ryan Connor suffering yet another devastating setback as his feelings for Ibiza DJ Crystal deepen. He has been communicating with his close friend Daisy Midgeley, who is developing a guilty conscience, though he is unaware of this.
ITV viewers have witnessed Ryan (Ryan Prescott), who was the victim of an acid attack by Daisy’s (Charlotte Jordan) stalker Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still), struggle with his severe wounds.

Ryan has become close with Daisy, a friend who has been supporting him as he recovers, and she has been working to lift his spirits as he makes sense of what has happened to him.

Pretending to be Ibiza DJ Crystal (Erin Austen), who ruthlessly rejected him after the attack, is one of the things Ryan does to try to keep him happy.

Daisy has been maintaining a facade out of fear of upsetting Ryan for weeks, but it appears that the guilt is getting the better of her.

Fans of Coronation Street will see Daniel urging Daisy to confess to being Crystal in scenes that will air the following week.

After his health began to deteriorate, she agrees and goes to visit him at the hospital, even though her friend doesn’t exactly welcome her.

Ryan overheard a conversation between her and Daniel in which she complained about having to care for him because her partner was becoming uncomfortable with how close they were growing.

Ryan is obviously hurt by her statement, and when she visits him, he makes it clear that he doesn’t need her sympathy despite her spiteful words being untrue in order to keep Daniel happy.

Ryan is enraged and tells Daisy that he has true friends like Crystal who genuinely care about him, which prompts Daisy to lie once more.

Later, Ryan is visited by Carla Connor (Alison King) just as he gets a message from Crystal.

Unaware that the real Crystal doesn’t want anything to do with him, he confesses to Carla that he really likes her and hopes she feels the same.

Will Ryan choose to Facetime Crystal after only communicating via text or phone? Could this be how Daisy’s deception is uncovered?

Daisy accepts without giving it much thought, leaving her friend devastated and perplexed as the puzzle of what has been happening begins to come together.

Regarding the lie her character told Ryan, actress Charlotte Jordan acknowledges Daisy’s motivations are good.

“Daisy’s plan is totally the wrong thing to do and it’s absolutely ridiculous, but it does come from a good place,” the soap opera star told Metro.

Daisy claims that she is not acting in this way to stir up trouble but rather to give Ryan some time to recover.

The Coronation Street actress hinted that there might be drama by saying Ryan would react “horrifically” if Daisy’s lies are revealed.


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