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Coronation Street’s Ryan star pays tribute to ‘fantastic’ ITV soap writer amid acid attack


EXCLUSIVE. Fans of Coronation Street were horrified to see Ryan Connor suffer an acid attack that was meant for Daisy Midgeley earlier this year. In an interview with, actor Ryan Prescott praised the production, noting that the tragic plot was nominated for a British Soap Award.
Fans of the ITV soap opera witnessed Daisy Midgeley’s (Charlotte Jordan) stalker, who had been harassing her for months, take drastic action at the end of March.
Despite not expecting Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) to step in the way, Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still) threw acid at her on her wedding day in a horrifying act of retaliation for constantly being rejected.

Viewers of Coronation Street saw Ryan writhing in pain as he was rushed to the hospital, where he suffered severe burns to his face and neck.

Since she rejected him after the acid attack, Ryan has been having a hard time adjusting but has found solace in talking to love interest Crystal, who is actually Daisy posing as the Ibiza DJ.

Numerous viewers were moved to tears by the gruesome plot, and hundreds applauded the actors as the tragic attack took place.

Actor Ryan Prescott discussed those terrifying scenes with and other media outlets while praising those who worked on the plot.

The brilliant Ian Kershaw wrote the script, he said. Really, Ian is one of my favorite authors and a fantastic writer.

He is able to inject a lot of reality into the scenes while still giving the actor room to work out a subtext.

There is a lot of room for creative license surrounding it, and I believe he naturally writes that way. It’s not all black and white.

“The scripts were great, they were amazing, which is a godsend for a plot like this, something so sensitive.”

However, Ryan Prescott gave credit for the acid attack plot to both Mike Lacey, the director, and the writers.

He continued, “In the same way, he creates a working environment where you feel at ease but also free to explore what we like to call the ‘wiggleroom’.

The “wiggleroom” is the area between the lines where creativity can be found, and in my opinion, that is where the best work is produced.

The Coronation Street storyline is currently recognized in a number of different categories for the British Soap Awards.

With Daisy’s stalking hell as the best storyline, it could win the award for the best single episode.

With Charlotte Jordan up for best dramatic performance, the acid attack scenes may also take home the award for best scene of the year.

ITV will broadcast The British Soap Awards on Saturday, June 3 at 7:30 p.m.


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