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Coronation Street’s Sam Aston fears being axed after 20 years as Chesney Brown


Sam Aston is well-known for playing the endearing Chesney Brown on Coronation Street, who is engaged to on-screen love interest Gemma Winter.
Sam Aston, who stormed into Weatherfield when he was nine years old, has been a constant on the ITV serial Coronation Street.

Sam, who has portrayed Chesney Brown for 20 years, recently acknowledged that despite being “part of the furniture” on the show, he still worries about getting fired.

Every 12 months, each Coronation Street cast member’s contract must be renewed. Sam acknowledges that the time always brings tension.

I worry about that every year, 100 percent,” he admitted to The Mirror. As an adult with greater responsibilities, I’ve had that idea more often.

“I have two kids and a mortgage,” the speaker said. I don’t see it that way when people tell me, “You are part of the furniture, you’ll be here forever.” I simply take each year as it comes.

I’m fortunate to be here. I never took anything for granted or let myself get complacent. No character is greater than the show, so when I receive the call asking me to stay, I’m always really appreciative.

When asked about an on-screen role model, William Roache, who plays Ken Barlow, immediately came to mind.

“It’d be strange, but cool. People have seen me mature, and I can picture Chesney getting old and strolling over to the Rovers. It would be a privilege.

Sam has been in several dramatic storylines during his tenure on the program, many of which began with his early years as a mischievous child.

Sam’s relationship with his ruthless mother Cilla Battersby-Brown (played by Wendi Peters) was another subject that he was deeply interested in.

In his most recent plot, Chesney and Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell), his partner, are having financial issues.

The couple has four kids together, and although Chesney wants to open a burger joint, Gemma is working to launch her own childcare center.

The couple will get married the following week at Gemma’s flawless but inexpensive wedding, with the bride walking down the aisle in a vivid orange bridal gown.

Sam acknowledged that despite his compelling plots, writers found it difficult to write stories for him as he transitioned from a small boy to a teenager.

“I was leaving high school at a strange time,” he said. Going from a young actor to an adult actor was strange.

“I spoke with the producer in a meeting. You’re no longer the adorable Chesney, but you also aren’t a fully-grown adult man, she remarked. There was some quiet.


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