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Coronation Street’s Sarah Platt and Adam ‘torn apart’ after affair is exposed


Over the past few weeks, viewers of Coronation Street have witnessed Sarah Platt battle to keep her hands off of ex-bad boy Damon Hay. Even though she’s been able to keep her affairs a secret from her husband Adam Barlow, he’s likely to find out everything in upcoming scenes.

Demon’s (Ciaran Griffiths) sentiments have grown even though he may have just recently begun to get to know Sarah (played by Tina O’Brien) in an effort to avenge her brother Nick Tilsley (Ben Price).

Fans of the ITV soap opera have witnessed the couple attempt to end their covert romance several times over the previous few weeks.

They are unable to stop themselves from kissing, though, and they keep on moving covertly.

They have so far been able to keep their brief liaisons a secret, but Sarah’s husband Adam (Sam Robertson) will find out about them in scenes that will air the following week.

In following scenes, Adam will attend a council meeting with Nick and Damon in an effort to get the Bistro’s licence extended.

As a result of Damon’s poor reputation, Adam defends him during the meeting and tells the council members that he has changed and is dedicated to enhancing the neighbourhood.

As they become more intimate, Damon chooses to invite him to the County game as he gives him a thankful glare.

Sarah is unimpressed when she learns how close her husband and their hidden amour are becoming, though.

Later, Damon calls the flat secretly while claiming to be looking for Adam, but when Sarah says he’s gone, Damon’s true motives are revealed when he delivers a bottle of wine.

Sarah comes clean and admits she is in love with Adam, but she can’t stop thinking about him. She suggests he remain to keep her company.

Gail Platt (Helen Worth), who can sense the tension in the air, interrupts them as they are about to have a short kiss by telling Sarah that her son Harry has a temperature.

Damon decides it’s time to leave when Gail leaves so Sarah can tend to her sick child, but they can’t help but share a passionate kiss.

They are unaware that Harry was in the hallway and saw the entire event, though.

With a heavy heart, Sarah decides to take the day off work and plan a family outing for the three of them.

However, as soon as they begin a game, Harry becomes unhappy and says he doesn’t want a new dad, making it obvious that something is wrong with him.

Sarah tries to dismiss the remark as unimportant out of terror before talking to Harry in private.

She confesses to kissing Damon but wants him to keep it a secret between them while speaking to her son apart from Adam.

Her attempts, however, are unsuccessful since Harry is upset and tells Adam that his mother is a liar and that he hates her.

She concedes defeat while trembling like a leaf and decides it’s time to tell Adam she slept with Damon.

Will Adam end their marriage now that their romance is public knowledge? Or will he make an effort to endure it for the benefit of their family?


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