Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Coronation Street’s Stephen Reid finally ‘caught out’ in life insurance lie


Stephen Reid, the villain from Coronation Street, recently purchased life insurance in Elaine Jones’ name and has been using funds from the Underworld fund to pay it off.

After the new Underworld Owner examines the financial accounts, it’s possible that Coronation Street villain Stephen Reid (played by Todd Boyce) will be exposed in upcoming scenes.

official reveals spoilers Before transferring £480 from Underworld to a personal account in the name of Seagull Ltd to pay the next installment of the life insurance policy, Stephen casts a longing glance at Jenny Connor (Sally-Ann Matthews).

Stephen hides his worry when Carla Connor (Alison King) informs him that Owen Longford (Ben Hull) is asking to see the company’s financial records.

There’s a chance Stephen will finally be discovered, but how will he feel about the possibility that Owen will thwart his grand scheme?

Owen has already offended Stephen since moving to Weatherfield, which is never a good idea for any local.

Stephen has finally been able to take control of the Underworld factory after months of drugging Carla with LSD to make her believe she was entering another psychotic episode.

His strategy, however, failed when Carla announced she was taking a break for her mental health and Owen entered the picture and made the decision to buy Carla’s shares.

Stephen’s situation has worsened because Owen has shown interest in Jenny, the woman he has been fixated on since moving to Weatherfield.

Stephen recently tried to separate Owen and Jenny, but when Owen discovered his lies, Owen confronted Stephen.

Owen informed Stephen that he would be fired once he took over the factory and that he had come up with a plausible excuse for his deception.

In an effort to escape the predicament he is in, Stephen asks Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox) if they can remortgage the apartment so he can purchase Carla’s stock.

Elaine made it clear that she would never invest any money in the factory and advised them to just take it easy in retirement.

Stephen hides his rage, but will he vent it on Owen or Elaine?


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