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Coronation Street’s Todd Grimshaw betrays George Shuttleworth with huge decision


Todd Grimshaw from Coronation Street is about to make a significant decision about his future that could permanently change his relationship with George Shuttleworth.

Viewers of Coronation Street can anticipate scenes in which Todd Grimshaw (played by Gareth Pierce) betrays George Shuttleworth (Tony Maudsley).

George’s contracting company faced competition in the previous month as rival RestEasy began stealing their customers.

However, it appears that they aren’t just stealing clients because Todd has been targeted, according to official ITV soap opera spoilers.

In upcoming scenes, Todd finds a card in the trash that Troy at RestEasy had sent.

The card was an invitation from Troy to talk about his future career; Troy knew George had thrown it away.

When Todd is unsure of what to do, Glenda Shuttleworth (Jodie Prenger) advises him to request a pay raise.

Later, when George brings up the subject, he is evasive, so he calls Troy to set up a meeting.

Todd is presented with an impressive salary of £30,000 plus a bonus during his conversation with RestEasy, and he says he’ll give it some thought.

But as George confesses to Todd during breakfast that their working relationship is over, it’s obvious that he feels betrayed.

Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver), caught in the middle, implores George to try and mend fences with Todd and offer him a respectable salary to persuade him to stay.

Despite his resistance, he insists that he must find Todd a replacement because Todd has accepted a position at RestEasy.

Todd is getting ready for his first RestEasy wake when Troy pushes him to try to take advantage of the family’s grief by trying to sell them a more expensive urn. Todd is shocked and disgusted by Troy’s push.

In an effort to get used to working without Todd, Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) offers to help George and take notes as he heads out to meet a client about a wake.

George accepts Mary’s offer even though he is hesitant because he appreciates the assistance.

Later, Todd makes out that he’s enjoying his new job as the two men run into each other in the Rovers.

While George makes out that Mary is an expert at undertaking, they both secretly wish they were still working together.


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