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Coronation Street’s Tracy Barlow makes huge sacrifice for Amy Barlow after court threat


Amy Barlow from Coronation Street has been trying her hardest to forget about her rape incident with Aaron Sandford, but she’s about to take matters into her own hands.
Amy Barlow from Coronation Street, played by Elle Mulvaney, is disappointed that Aaron Sandford, played by James Craven, is able to walk around Weatherfield and move on with his ex-girlfriend.

Amy still feels alone despite having her friends and family on her side, and according to official spoilers, things are about to get ugly as a court case takes place.

Later scenes show Amy spotting Mia at the garage and deciding that she must tell her about being raped.

Though shocked, Mia rejects the account and claims that Amy made up the entire tale.

Abi Franklin (Sally Carman), who has been supporting Aaron over the past few weeks, is forced to reconsider her allegiances after Amy assures the mechanic that she is telling the truth.

Later, Mia confronts Aaron about the alleged rape because she is still perplexed by the interaction with Amy.

Aaron is adamant that they did in fact share a bed, Amy initially reported rape but later changed her story, and the police dropped the investigation.

Mia is horrified to believe that Amy is smearing Aaron’s name in the mud after hearing Aaron’s side of the story.

A serious claim of harassment has been made against Amy, according to DS Swain (Vicky Myers), who calls No. 1 and informs her.

In an effort to help herself feel better, Amy begins to write about her terrible experience after becoming enraged at the injustice of her circumstances.

Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson), after reading what his daughter has written, encourages Amy to share her essay about Aaron on social media, which she does.

After reading Amy’s online posting, Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) and Abi tell Aaron he can find another job at the garage.

Eric Sandford (Craig Cheetham), in the meantime, threatens to hold Amy accountable and later calls No. 1 to announce that he is suing Amy for libel.

Steve counsels Amy to stand her ground in the face of a letter from Eric’s attorney threatening legal action unless she removes her post, but Dee Dee Bailey (Shannique Sterling-Brown) cautions them that a libel case could end up costing them a fortune.

Tracy is adamant that they will fight it to the bitter end, but the couple quickly realizes they must sell their businesses to pay the attorneys’ fees.

Later, Eric and Aaron meet with their attorney, who cautions them about the dangers of going to court.

Tracy moves forward and arranges for the florists to be valued in order to raise the funds necessary to help her daughter receive justice.


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