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Coronation Street’s Zeedan Nazir makes decision on his future as character makes return


Hashim Elamin, the evil father-in-law of Alya Nazir’s character on Coronation Street, was killed after threatening Zeedan.
When Hashim (Vincent Ebrahim) had a heart attack in front of them last year, Alya (Sair Khan) and Zeedan (Qasim Akhtar) chose not to intervene. Although Zeedan’s wife Marrium (Kiran Landan) appears to be returning unexpectedly to Coronation Street, it appears as though their secret is about to be revealed in the ITV soap opera.

The ITV soap opera viewers will recall how Zeedan’s gangster father-in-law forced him to use the Speed Daal cash register to launder money.

Despite attempts to escape the scheme, things got worse when Hashim made his son-in-law set the restaurant on fire in order to get money from the insurance.

Even though they claimed that a chip fryer was to blame for the fire, the police demanded to see the accounts because they suspected foul play.

Hashim showed up at the house and threatened the siblings while Yasmeen (Shelley King) was being interviewed; however, he started to experience a heart attack and collapsed.

Zeedan was about to call for an ambulance when Alya stopped him, telling him that if he left, all of their problems would go away. As a result, the two had to watch him suffer on the floor.

They had to call for assistance after Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) barged in, but it was too late; Hashim passed away.

However, it appears that Alya and Zeedan’s secret is about to be revealed in scenes that will air the following week.

Following her recent stabbing, Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) wants to convince Alya to go back to work.

Alya snaps at Yasmeen and Zeedan as they suggest that she should write a victim statement and demands that they leave her alone.

Later, Marrium, Zeedan’s wife, unexpectedly returns to Weatherfield to see her husband.

When she confronts him, she acknowledges that she knows about her father and expresses shock at the fact that both of them did nothing but watch her father die.

Zeedan begs her not to turn them in to the police out of concern for what this might imply.

Alya locates Marrium in the cafe and decides to speak with Hashim about what happened the previous year in an effort to solve the problem.

Alya claims Zeedan and her are equally to blame for her father’s passing, but she soon realizes that her brother is putting their relationship before them in order to take care of her.

Alya decides to return to the restaurant to show her is no longer in need of protection after telling her brother that Marrium now resides in London and that she no longer requires protection.

Her efforts, however, appear to be in vain as Zeedan informs her that whether she likes it or not, he will remain put because family comes first.

Later on in the week, Marrium comes to dinner with the family to celebrate Alya’s birthday, and as she enters the house, Zeedan kisses his wife, raising the possibility that they might get back together.

According to an theory, Zeedan chooses to follow his sister’s advice and relocate to London in order to be with Marrium.

However, given her own near-death experience, could Alya be harboring guilt over Hasim?

Could a confession be in the works as she heads to the police station to turn in her victim statement?


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