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Danny Dyer explains his weight loss after concerns about his health


Danny Dyer, a former EastEnders actor, has revealed the motivation behind his remarkable 7-pound weight loss. Due to concerns from his family about his health, the Scared of the Dark presenter has been starving himself for 16 hours every day.
After receiving health-related concerns from his family, actor Danny Dyer has lost 7 lbs.

The former EastEnders star has revealed that he starved himself for 16 hours every day, rather than working out in the cutting-edge gym he built in the garden of his Essex home, to achieve his remarkable weight loss.

The 45-year-old, who last week hosted Channel 4’s Scared of the Dark, admitted to the Mirror that he started his extreme fast because of health issues in his family, but he insisted that he wouldn’t give up “Stella and crackers.”

He recently lost weight after his 26-year-old daughter Dani expressed concern for his health.

In order to lose weight, the hardman actor uses a combination of yoga and intermittent fasting.

He spoke candidly to The Mirror about his eating habits at home, saying: “My wife, sometimes she cooks me dinner.

However, if she’s slamming pots and yelling while cooking, the food just tastes awful.

In a four-part series called Absolutely Dyer: Danny And Dani Do Italy, which premiered on E4 on Saturday (April 22), Danny is currently collaborating with Love Island star Dani to share their passion for food.

In an effort to enlighten Dani, who initially believed Tuscany to be in America, the father and daughter pair travel the nation while Danny highlights Italian cuisine and culture.

Dani, who is expecting twins with her boyfriend Jarrod Bowen, a West Ham football player, has pleasant memories of her travels.

Lake Como was stunning; it was like heaven, she remarked. It’s a popular honeymoon location.

The winner of Danny’s Scared of the Dark competition on Channel 4 on Friday was former England footballer Paul Gascoigne.

On the show, a number of celebrities cohabitated in total darkness.

“People always question my mental strength, but my success on this series proves that I am strong,” said Paul after he had won.

“I was anxious entering there, but I’m so glad I did. It’s incredible.


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