Sunday, September 24, 2023

EastEnders’ Beale family to have ‘big Christmas’ as Walford rocked by murder


Michelle Collins, who played Cindy Beale in the BBC One soap opera EastEnders for 25 years, made a triumphant comeback.
The return of Michelle Collins’ Cindy Beale and Adam Woodyatt’s Ian Beale caused some viewers to be perplexed, but author Chris Clenshaw has already hinted at their involvement in the upcoming Christmas murder.

The BBC soap opera earlier this year featured a flash-forward to Christmas Day 2023, where some of Walford’s women were gathered around a dead body in The Vic.

The victim’s gender and Chris Clenshaw’s suggestion that Cindy and Ian might be involved are the only things that have been confirmed.

He made light of the fact that it was Ian and Cindy’s first Christmas back in Walford while speaking to and other media outlets.

There will be an unexpected guest at Rocky and Cathy’s wedding, so keep an eye out for the cufflinks in that episode.

Adam Woodyatt, who plays Ian, made a joke to Michelle, saying, “I don’t want cufflinks for Christmas.”

Twitter users who are fans of the show have been speculating that the Beales will be responsible for the murder wrote: “The killer at Christmas could not be Rose/Cindy right? EastEnders is correct.

Comment from @UnicornYeti96: “Calling it: Rose is Cindy. Cindy is under police protection, which explains why she can’t reach the girls and why Callum’s door was knocked by the serious crime unit during a search. And why there is nothing in the police databases. #Eastenders.”

“Cindy would surely hate Bobby for killing her daughter & won’t want him anywhere near her other daughter Anna?” @CrysTalksVlogs continued. “#EastEnders.”

@guppy662 a fan tweeted: “#EastEnders has anyone thought this rose thing and the knight family may be a red herring, and someone completely unexpected died at Christmas?” (sic)

since 25 years ago.

Cindy was thought to have passed away in custody shortly after giving birth to Cindy Beale-Williams (Mimi Keene).

She turned against her cellmate after striking a deal to act as an informant, though, and feared for her life.
Cindy met and married George Knight (Colin Salmon), the new landlord of The Vic, while she was away from Walford. They had two daughters, Gina Knight (Francesca Henry) and Anna Knight (Molly Rainford).

How will Cindy’s family react when she and Ian return to Walford after nine years apart?


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