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EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell star teases ‘bleak’ future as he deals with loss of Lola Pearce


As Lola Pearce approaches her final months of life, viewers of EastEnders have been watching as her health has declined over the past few weeks. As Lola approaches the end of her journey, actor Max Bowden discusses Ben Mitchell’s reaction to her passing.

When Danielle Harold’s character Lola Pearce (played by the BBC) received the devastating news that she had an uncurable brain tumor last year, viewers were devastated.

Lola has chosen to make the most of her remaining time with her family despite the fact that she has been receiving palliative care for the end of her life, which she recently learned hasn’t worked.

Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden), who is having a hard time accepting the idea of losing her, makes it seem as though the rest of the family won’t support her future decisions.

Future scenes show Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) getting ready for Lola to go home, which upsets Ben because he feels like she shouldn’t leave the hospital.

Jay, who is having trouble accepting her prognosis, lashes out at Honey (Emma Barton) and Billy (Perry Fenwick) later on, accusing them all of being too accepting of what is happening to Lola.

Although Jay decides to confront Ben at the Arches because he feels his behavior has crossed a line.

Actor Max Bowden hinted that Ben is in for trouble in the months to come when discussing what’s in store for him.

“I believe that Ben has to act now or never,” Max said. He needs to make an effort to control what makes him tick.

It’s time for him to work on himself, acknowledge his shortcomings, stop being so damn hard on himself, and perhaps give himself some time to seek professional assistance. However, things are looking bleak and difficult.

“People deal with grief and bereavement in different ways, and Ben’s almost seen this one coming for a while.”

Jay appears to not be the only one who is upset with him because his father Phil (Steve McFadden) urges him to put others before himself.

The following week, when Ben feels bad about how he’s been acting, he goes to apologize but instead opts to leave Dr. Washington a voicemail in order to get some comfort.

He makes the decision to visit the doctor because he wants to know whether Lola will still be alive in September. They discuss a new treatment that Lola might be able to receive in America.

Ben makes a scene when he enters No. 18 to attend the ladies’ party. As a result, Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) and Callum (Tony Clay) approach Ben and persuade him to acknowledge the truth of Lola’s situation.

Viewers can see that Ben is struggling to accept the fact that Lola will soon leave them, which has raised questions about how he’ll react when it actually happens.


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