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EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell struggles with health battle as Jay makes huge decision


On EastEnders, Ben Mitchell is attempting to hide a significant secret, but it might be revealed in upcoming scenes on the BBC soap opera.

After Lola Pearce’s (Danielle Harold) recent passing on EastEnders, Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) will still be battling his intense grief.

Lexi Pearce, played by Isabella Brown, pushes Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) and Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) away whenever they try to cheer her up in yet-to-air scenes because she is so worried about Jay.

Later, Callum Highway (Tony Clay) suggests that Jay and Lexi move into their apartment at the Minute Mart, but Ben rejects the idea.

In the end, Jay and Ben have a heart-to-heart about Lola’s passing, and he finally decides to move in.

The family sits down for dinner in upcoming scenes, but an issue is simmering beneath the surface.

Ben is obviously uncomfortable with the food because he begins to worry about how he’ll hide his eating disorder from his loved ones now that his house is crowded with guests.

He later struggles with teething while co-parenting with Jay and becomes irate when Lexi decides to walk to school by herself because it turns out that Lola and Jay made the choice weeks earlier without consulting him.

On EastEnders, will the two men be able to put aside their differences for Lexi’s sake?

Jay has no idea that Ben has been battling bulimia for months, using his strict diet and excessive exercise as coping mechanisms.

At the 2018 British Soap Awards, Ben actor Max said, “It’s a difficult storyline.

“I don’t have bulimia, but I have first-hand knowledge of the devastating effects it can have not only on the sufferer but also on the family and those close to them.

I adore telling stories, so I consider it a great privilege to be able to tell this one in the manner in which we are.

He’s also been struggling with his ownership of the Arches after running into financial difficulties as a result of helping Lola during her final months.

Ben even covered the cost of a failed trial of an expensive treatment for her.

Ben may need to open up to someone so that he can get the support he needs to recover from his eating disorder.


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