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EastEnders boss details Stacey Slater and Martin’s ‘big story’ as pregnancy rocks Walford


Lily Slater, a 12-year-old cast member of EastEnders, recently learned she was pregnant.

Lily Slater’s mother Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) made a promise to her that she would keep Lily’s pregnancy a secret from Martin Fowler (James Bye), who raised Lily as his own. The BBC soap opera EastEnders will soon reveal the truth, as the parents are compelled to work together for the benefit of their daughter.

Chris Clenshaw, the show’s executive producer, discussed the plotlines viewers can anticipate in the upcoming year with and other media.

We have a significant story for Stacey and Martin that begins at the new year, he said.

Lacey and James are at the center of that, and they’ll obviously shine, but I don’t want to say too much about it.

When doctors told Stacey the startling news on New Year’s Day, EastEnders viewers learned that Lily was pregnant.

After having an argument with her mother over hearing that she had spoken to Jean Slater (Gillian Wright), Lily eventually confessed to the father of her child.

Stacey admitted to Jean that she was concerned she might have to break her promise to her daughter that she wouldn’t reveal that Ricky Jr. (Frankie Day) was the father.

The family will learn the truth about Lily’s pregnancy in the episodes airing the following week.

Until the father’s identity is established, investigators won’t accept Lily is safe.

Undoubtedly, Martin will be incensed to learn that Stacey kept such a significant secret from him.

Will they be able to unite and stand together to defend Lily?

Chris, the executive producer of EastEnders, hinted at a “big story” for Stacey and Martin but left Lily out.

This may indicate that Stacey and Martin will get closer as they support their daughter in the coming months.

Lacey revealed in a recent interview why Stacey consented to keep Lily’s pregnancy a secret from Martin.

“Stacey is walking on thin ice,” she said. She needs to learn all the specifics from Lily, including how this occurred and who the father is.

But in order to accomplish that, she must gain Lily’s trust. If Lily wants the information to remain a secret, Stacey will abide by her request.

She “is just trying to get the information and build that trust and not break it,” says Martin, “which is why she doesn’t confide in him.”

In related Slater news, Stacey started to worry about money when the Panesars decided to increase their rent.

The bap van breaking down makes matters worse, and Lily later overhears Stacey telling Jean that she’s unsure of how they’ll get through this.

Due to financial constraints, Jean forbids Stacey from throwing her a party for her 60th birthday.

Harvey, however, has an idea later in the week to address the Slaters’ financial issues.


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