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EastEnders fans are ‘convinced’ Elaine is Christmas Day killer after Nish clue


Fans of EastEnders are certain they know who passes away at Christmas and possibly who the murderer is.

EastEnders viewers have witnessed some rather tense scenes between Elaine Peacock and Nish Panesar since Linda Carter’s mother, Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe), arrived on the square. Linda Carter is played by Kellie Bright. However, could it lead to murder?

Elaine and Nish have exchanged many awkward looks and comments in recent episodes, especially after she became convinced that he was responsible for the break-in at the Queen Vic.

The Panesar family had been convinced for weeks that they stood a good chance of owning the pub, so a large part of this was motivated by Nish’s rage that Linda had chosen to partner with her mother rather.

Elaine even criticized Nish after it had already happened, saying, “I know men like you, men who think a nice suit and a wide smile will hide the fact that they feel small inside.”

Elaine may be aware of Nish’s abusive control over his wife if she made comments about their marriage to Suki (Balvinder Sopal).

“You’ve been motionless there for that long. Elaine said, “I was trying to figure out if you were the dummy or the ventriloquist.

Viewers are informed that a male character will pass away on Christmas Day, when a major plot usually comes to a spectacular conclusion, thanks to a flash forward clip, with six female characters being possible suspects.

Fans are unsure of who will perish during the holiday episode, though.

The six women who have the potential to commit the murder include Linda and Suki, and viewers have sensed that Nish might be the victim.

But now, supporters of the BBC soap opera have a new theory.

Fans of the show questioned whether Elaine might kill Nish in order to save Suki on social media. Elaine might be attacked by him, but one of the six women might intervene to save her.

Yep, Elaine is going to be the first to realize Suki is being abused by Nish, I believe, one viewer wrote on Twitter. And she’s going to assist her. Perhaps Elaine murders Nish on Christmas?

So Nish kills Elaine with the flamingo? a different supporter chimed in. Then, with a bottle, does one of the five women kill him? Sharon then begins managing the Vic alongside Linda? The sound of doof…Happy Holidays.

As for the third, they said: “Still convinced Elaine gets killed by the flamingo/Nish at Christmas.

“Then, the five women bottle Nish; he too passes away. In my opinion, Elaine won’t be around for very long. Back behind the Queen Vic, Sharon?

To find out if their theories are accurate, viewers will need to keep watching.


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