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EastEnders fans baffled as they spot major plot hole in unexpected Linda Carter storyline


When Linda Carter sought to contest Mick Carter’s child’s custody on Wednesday night’s episode of EastEnders, viewers were left perplexed.

Following Linda Carter’s (Kelly Bright) plan that was revealed on Wednesday night’s episode, EastEnders viewers have discovered a significant plot hole.

The owner of the Queen Vic revealed to Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) his desire to raise Mick Carter’s (Danny Dyer) child after his passing.

While Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) is serving a five-year prison sentence, her daughter Scarlett (Tabitha Byron) and her brother Ricky Butcher (Sid Owen) are responsible for raising the child.

However, Linda admitted in the most recent episode that she wants to have the child with her and their son Ollie.

Speaking to Alfie, she said: “That little boy is a part of Mick that I could have in my life forever.”

Although there is one small drawback to Linda’s plan: since she and Mick weren’t legally married at the time of his passing, she would have few legal options for custody.

Reddit user eastenderse pointed out the flaw in the plot, saying: “I know Janine has been horrible to Linda and isn’t very trustworthy either, but I don’t like how Linda is acting like she has a right to that child.

Only one of his relatives—who also happens to be the one who despises routine changes—remains at the Vic.

“I understand that Linda only wants to hold onto a piece of Mick, but that is not her child or a member of her family. Janine still has five more years in prison, but the baby spends the first few years of his life with Scarlett and Ricky, who ARE his family.

The BBC viewer emphasized that Janine loves her kids and thinks she’ll have a redemption story after she’s released and served her time.

According to tweets from @blmaden, who pointed out the plot hole in the custody storyline, “Also how could Linda have any legal claim over Mick & Janine’s baby? Linda and Mick were divorced when he vanished, and she has no biological connection to the child.

“Linda wants custody of Janine and Mick’s child,” @mikepriestley13 continued. That won’t likely turn out well. If the baby has nothing to do with her, I fail to see how this is possible. Even though Mick was her ex, I don’t see how social services could give the baby to Mick’s ex.

When he attempted to save Linda’s life in the BBC soap opera’s Christmas special, Mick was last seen.

Unaware that Linda had managed to escape, Mick bravely dove in to save his love as Janine drove her and Linda over a cliff and into the English Channel.

It was assumed that he had died trying to save Linda because there was no sign of him emerging again.

Since his body was never found, many fans think there’s a chance he’s still alive.


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