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EastEnders fans concerned for Stacey Slater as they work out ‘sinister’ Theo’s identity


Theo Hawthorne, Freddie Slater’s former teacher, recently arrived in Albert Square, and EastEnders viewers are sure they know who the eerie character is.
Fans of the BBC drama EastEnders are worried about Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) after Theo Hawthorne, played by William Ellis, was revealed to be Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier)’s former teacher.

viewers of BBC have conjectured On the risqué website Secret Cam, a mysterious customer by the name of Theo is requesting images of Stacey’s face.

@BovaryCee, a Twitter user, stated: “I’m going to say it again. I believe Theo was responsible for paying for Stacey’s photos.

In order to get closer to Stacey, I believe he is getting closer to Freddie and Lily. #EastEnders”

According to @rambibambi_, who concurred, “Can we talk about how creepy Theo is?

He is unquestionably the OnlyFans subscriber with whom Stacey is corresponding privately about #EastEnders. (sic)

Twitter user @DavidMackayy agreed with this theory, writing: “Theo is defo the person on Stacey’s onlyfans and the only reason he’s buying the present is cos he knows Stacey is desperate for cash #eastenders.” (sic)

His motivations were also questioned by @RyanTheSoapking, who wrote: “Theo is such a creep. What does he want from the Slaters? (sic)

Is it more sinister or does he just want their money? Theo, in my opinion, is portraying Stacey on the covert camera. #EastEnders.”

One viewer, however, had a much darker theory, which, if true, would have terrible consequences for the family.

Why did you buy those sneakers for Lily, Theo? Stacey specifically said no to them #eastenders, so is he trying to groom her or something? asked @SistahSkinglo.

Theo first appeared earlier this year when Freddie was encouraged to confront him about making his life miserable at school by Jean Slater (Gillian Wright).

a repentant Mr. Hawthorne expressed regret and informed Freddie that he thought the boy had ADHD.

Freddie struggled with the concept for a while before getting tested and receiving the diagnosis.

Freddie has appreciated the educator’s assistance in getting a diagnosis, but he has also displayed a darker side.
He bought Lily (Lilia Turner), Stacey’s young pregnant daughter, some trainers this week that she had been eyeing behind her mother’s back.

Despite the fact that Stacey had previously informed the child that she couldn’t have them due to the dire state of the family’s finances, this continued to happen.


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