Tuesday, October 3, 2023

EastEnders fans figure out who wants private cam sessions with Stacey Slater but are they right?


When Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) was invited to conduct a private video conversation for a client, she was recently faced with a difficult choice in EastEnders.

When it was disclosed that the mother of three had started working as an online cam model in order to put food on the table, it caused pandemonium in her family.

Daughter Lily (Lillia Turner) was shocked to see that a group of schoolboys had come together to pay for a membership for her mother’s page. Lily then informed Stacey that she wanted to leave school and get a job on her own, which would allow Stacey to erase her profile without facing any consequences.

Stacey was prompted by this to take into account a proposal from one of her customers who wanted to pay for exclusive live stream films with her outside of the website.

Although the buyer’s name has remained a mystery, viewers of the show think they may have figured it out and have taken to Twitter to discuss their theories.

They are certain that Mr. Hawthorne, Freddie’s (Bobby Brazier) teacher, is the anonymous subscriber.

The first time we saw Mr. Hawthorne was when Freddie returned to his high school to confront him about tormenting Freddie at school.

Later, Mr. Hawthorne found Freddie and apologised, speculating that he might be suffering from ADHD.

Since then, he has made several additional appearances, participating in the pub quiz at the Queen Vic and setting up a meeting for his former student with an ADHD specialist.

Some viewers, though, are dubious of his good actions and question whether he might be using Freddie as a pawn to get to Stacey.

Fans are speculating whether this plot will take a dark turn and result with Stacey’s secret buyer laying dead on the floor of the Queen Vic before the year is out because she is expected to be engaged in the murder on Christmas day.

Do we have a valid reason to be wary of Mr. Hawthorne? To find out, we’ll have to wait.


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