Tuesday, October 3, 2023

EastEnders fans fume as exit ‘confirmed’ for beloved character


When the Tuesday night episode of EastEnders seemed to allude to Finlay Baker’s departure, viewers were unimpressed.

Fans of EastEnders were furious as Finlay Baker (Ashley Byam) appeared to be leaving the show amid the heartbreaking funeral scenes for Lola Pearce (played by Danielle Harold).

As Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) and Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) threatened the market trader, viewers gasped in shock.

He was given 24 hours to leave Walford, or his brother Felix (Matthew James Morrison) would be killed, it was implied.

While EastEnders spoilers do not explicitly state whether the character departs, the scenes seemed to suggest that he has come to a dead end.

When he discovered that Suki’s son Vinny (Shiv Jalota) had recently cut the brakes on his car, he was able to arouse the ire of the shady couple.

Finlay has since realized that Vinny intended to kill Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) with his actions, despite his initial belief that he was the intended victim.

She confronted Suki and threatened to call the police because she was afraid that the affair she had with the former solicitor would come to light, which is what prompted her to take such extreme measures.

The scene was undoubtedly dramatic, but many viewers were miffed that it was a part of the poignant episode, which saw the residents of Albert Square bid adieu to young mother Lola after she passed away from a brain tumor.

@dylanxlufc posted on Twitter that “this spoilt what was really important in tonight episode.”

@00emadarcy00 concurred, tweeting: “Shame such a beautiful episode was spoilt by including this pathetic storyline!”

The commenter @grumpyguy64 said: “You literally ruined tonight’s episode with this bs.”

Others were offended by Finlay’s apparent departure from the show after less than a year.

“Nah Suki is a b***h!” exclaimed @SistahSkinglo. I find Ravi repulsive for chasing Finlay from the square while plotting to kill his brother.

According to @paulapuddephatt, Finlay might be taking a break soon. Although it could be a break, I’m speculating that they’re writing him out after doing so little with his character.

While this was happening, @GJ2Chat tweeted: “Who the hell does Suki think she is, Finlay’s exit at the hands of the mafia down an alleyway.”

With a sad face emoji and the words “We all knew this was an exit for him,” @Jenmetcalfeuk appeared resigned to his departure.

@BovaryCee was optimistic that this was just the beginning of something new for the character, though.

They said, “I’m hoping Finlay is staying and that this will be the start of a storyline for him and Felix.

In July of last year, Finlay, his brother Felix, and their father Avery (Omar Lye-Fook) made their first appearance in the Square.


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