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EastEnders fans heap praise on Danielle Harold’s ‘perfect’ performance as Lola’s final days arrive


As Lola Pearce’s health continues to decline, viewers of Monday’s (May 29) episode of the BBC One soap opera were once again gushing about Danielle Harold.

Following a diagnosis of a deadly brain tumour, the beloved character just learned that she only had weeks to live.

However, Jay (Jamie Borthwick) discovered from the nurse in last night’s episode that Lola is nearing the end of her life.

Naturally, the reactions to this terrible news varied among Lola’s loved ones. While Honey (Emma Barton) talked to Phil (Steve McFadden) and Billy (Perry Fenwick) trashed the Minute Mart after a fight with Nish (Navin Chowdhry), who later forced Jack (Scott Maslen) to arrest the grieving grandfather, Ben (Max Bowden) persisted in trying to get Lola on a trial in America.

Lola woke up from her nap when Kim (Tameka Empson) and Denise (Diane Parish) arrived, and she agreed to get into her wheelchair to view Kim’s surprise.

Lola grinned when she saw her friends from Walford hold up letters that read, “Hello Lola.” Kim informed her that she was missed by the people outside and that she wished to take action.

While Kim, Jay, Denise, and Lola all smiled, there was a melancholy behind their happiness, which was subsequently demonstrated by Kim crying as she turned on the kettle. It was a bittersweet moment.

EastEnders viewers have been expressing their admiration for Danielle after another stirring performance in advance of tonight’s heartbreaking episode.

One viewer commented, “Big fan of EastEnders and me and my wife are really enjoying the tense Lola storyline.”

EastEnders fan @Nat_Cassidy, my wife and I are loving the gripping Lola storyline. I just want to say that you all are doing a fantastic job because it’s so riveting and emotionally intense. Voting for Perry Fenwick and Danielle Harold in the soap awards

“I just want to say that you’re all doing an amazing job; it’s really gripping and emotionally charged.” In the soap awards, I’ll be voting for Danielle and Perry.

Right now, #EastEnders is in a different league. I am at a loss for words. The show from tonight was incredibly sad and brutally honest. Superb.

Eastenders The Lola plot is unique, and the performance is superb. Danielle Harold does excellent acting. The fact that writers waited so long to provide Danielle with quality content is just bittersweet.

Danielle Harold is just fantastic, one person wrote.

Danielle Harold is great on #Eastenders.

This week’s episode of #EastEnders is going to break people’s hearts, and I’m trying to take in every nuance of Danielle Harold’s wonderfully timed performance.

The character responses and interactions all seem so natural. This week will be one to remember.

There will be no justice in soaps if Danielle Harold does not receive numerous accolades for this plot.

Showrunner Chris Clenshaw talked about how much thinking went into the plot before deciding to move forward with it.

‘We didn’t make this decision lightly; we thought about it for a long time to make sure it was the right one.

They have been overwhelmed by the awareness that has been raised by the research, and Danielle, you have been speaking to them personally, haven’t you?

Danielle continued by detailing the number of contacts she has received since the news started.

“It’s getting harder and harder for me to unplug.” I can’t thank these people enough for sharing their stories with me; it just makes you want to tell it with even more truth than you first imagined. To be honest, I haven’t really wanted to switch off because I’ve had to meet so many people who have brain tumours, who have lost loved ones to them, and who have lost children as well.


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