Thursday, September 28, 2023

EastEnders fans in meltdown as popular character’s return confirmed


Fans of EastEnders are ecstatic to learn that a beloved character is coming back to Albert Square after a six-year absence.
Angela Wynter is scheduled to make a comeback to Walford to reprise her role as Yolande Trueman, more than three decades after making her debut in the BBC soap opera EastEnders.

Yolande last visited Albert Square in 2017, when she made an unexpected comeback.

But prior to this, in 2008, Yolande made the decision to permanently leave Walford and relocated to Birmingham, where she has lived for the past 15 years.

After being hinted at by her on-screen ex-husband Patrick Trueman (played by Rudolph Walker), it now appears that she is returning to the South.

In a recent episode, Patrick decided he wanted to track down the love of his life after yearning for her back.

Up until Patrick had an unwise affair with Pat Evans (Pam St Clements), another EastEnders legend, Yolande and Patrick were a loving and happy couple.

Yolande’s return has been kept a secret, but Patrick has returned to Walford to assist Kim and Denise Fox.

Despite this, it is unknown to fans whether Yolande will continue to appear and reconcile with her ex.

Yolande is back in the Square, Angela said in reference to her return to EastEnders.

“I have had a wonderful time on set thus far and have been really looking forward to playing her again.

I can’t express my gratitude to the cast and crew enough for the gracious welcome back, she said.

Chris Clenshaw, the executive producer of EastEnders, continued, “I’m delighted to welcome the incredibly talented Angela back to the role of Yolande Trueman.

“Even though Yolande hasn’t been seen by us in a while, their unresolved issues stem from her leaving the Square and her failed marriage to Patrick, a living legend in Walford.

“As a result, we believed it was critical to consider a reunion between the two. She’s back, and we couldn’t be happier to see her. He made fun.

Fans quickly expressed how happy they were to see the much-missed star back on screen.

Tweeting: “I love that Yolande Trueman is returning to #EastEnders,” @mikepriestley13 Fantastic in every way.
“Yes oh my word that’s amazing news, really happy & for Patrick this is yeah man!” wrote another supporter @yasmin_ali10 in response.

“I hope it’s permanent,” tweeted viewer @BodiesWithout, “she was always great man Eastenders is on fire.”


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