Tuesday, October 3, 2023

EastEnders fans in tears as Lola Pearce makes emotional exit in heartbreaking scenes


After a protracted battle with cancer, Lola Pearce, a beloved EastEnders character, tragically passed away during Wednesday night’s episode.
Following Wednesday night’s tearjerking episode, EastEnders viewers could not stop crying as they said their final goodbyes to Danielle Harold’s Lola Pearce.

In spite of the fact that Lola’s brain tumor was incurable and there was nothing more doctors could do for her, her friends were determined to make the most of her remaining days.

The residents of Walford gathered to say goodbye to Lola during the most recent episode.
Everyone was in tears, and Lola passed away peacefully next to her daughter who was asleep as the sun rose in the Square.

But because he was in the bathroom when the love of his life passed away, her husband Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) was left inconsolable.

“I’ll be right back,” Jay said to Lola as he walked to the bathroom.

As he looked into the mirror, Jay said: “Look at the state of me, eh?

“I am sorry, Lola, I am sorry you had to put up with my ugly mug.

“Yeah, I know I need a shave for the two hairs that I’ve got.”

When Jay returned to Lola’s room, he discovered that she had passed away.

“I said I wouldn’t leave you,” Jay sobbed as he held her hand. I am truly sorry.

“She did it on purpose, Jay,” Lexi retorted. She completed it for us.

As they witnessed the heartbreaking scenes, fans were also left speechless, and many turned to Twitter to express their feelings.

“Lexi cuddled up to her mother when she died I have goosebumps #EastEnders,” tweeted @jabroccoli.

I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much, said @lylalovesliam.

The commenter @SophieDB123 continued, “That was the saddest episode of anything I’ve ever watched. I have no words #eastenders.”

“Well, that was rather emotional, wasn’t it?” said @KatLovesShnicky.

Well, #EastEnders simply tore out my heart and trampled all over it, wrote @notacIue.

The following was added by @Leopardprintsxx: “Absolutely heartbreaking scenes, superb acting from the cast in this storyline #eastenders.”

This Thursday at 7.30 p.m. on BBC One, EastEnders will resume.


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