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EastEnders fans ‘work out’ Cindy Beale revenge plan as she returns ‘from the dead’


Fans of the BBC soap opera EastEnders were astounded to see Cindy Beale, a well-known character, make a dramatic comeback after supposedly “dying” decades earlier.

Fans of EastEnders believe they have figured out the real reason for Cindy Beale’s (Michelle Collins) return after 25 years of pretended death.

Long-time, devoted EastEnders viewers last heard that Cindy passed away while giving birth while incarcerated in 1998.

Nevertheless, it transpires that the iconic figure is actually still alive and well after being identified as Rose Knight, the missing wife of newcomer Geroge Knight (Colin Salmon).

Naturally, Cindy was unaware of a number of grave events from her original Walford family, such as the 2015 murder of her daughter Lucy Beale (Hetti Bywater).

In a shocking turn of events at the time, it was revealed that Lucy’s younger brother Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell), who was only a child at the time, was accountable for her death. As a result, fans now believe Cindy is seeking retribution.

As viewers responded to Cindy’s incredible comeback, some of them thought they understood why she had returned.

I’m thinking that Cindy let something about her past life slip after learning Lucy had passed away, wrote Twitter user @salbre81.

“Because George was unaware that she had children, this causes them to argue. She then exits and dials witness protection, who immediately moves her to #EastEnders.

“Bobby is going to be such an interesting character now, just from this Cindy twist,” @Call_myles4 further commented. I can’t wait for Cindy and him to argue about how he killed her daughter. And if they start dating, Anna is Lucy’s sister. When he learns about #EastEnders, that will likely cause him significant distress. (sic)

She therefore abandoned two families, both of which are currently residing on the same square, according to @griannedoherty3.There will undoubtedly be more, as in, where the hell was she when Lucy passed away? Given their past interactions, is she really back with Ian? #Eastenders, etc. (sic)

“We all knew Cindy Beale was responsible… But I can’t wait to see what Kathy, Sharon, and Bobby will come up with in terms of fireworks. Will Cindy seek retribution against Lucy? Could she have abandoned her new family because of Lucy’s passing? “#EastEnders,” tweeted @MissCarineyB.

“Wonder how she’d react to Bobby,” @griannedoherty3 added. “#EastEnders,” “Knowing he killed her Lucy.”

So Bobby killed Lucy Cindy’s daughter, @StVitusDance enquired. Does she realize? #EastEnders.”

Are fans right to believe Cindy is returning to learn more about her daughter’s passing and exact revenge?


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