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EastEnders fans ‘work out’ George Knight’s identity as Cindy Beale returns from the dead


After Rose Knight’s true identity as Cindy Beale was finally made public on Wednesday night, EastEnders viewers were left in shock.

Since George Knight (played by Colin Salmon) first appeared in Albert Square, EastEnders viewers have grown suspicious of him, and many of them believe they have figured out who he really is.

Cindy Beale was revealed to be George’s estranged wife Rose Knight during the BBC episode on Wednesday night.

Fans, however, think that George knew Rose’s real identity all along despite not being aware of who he was really married to.

Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) visited George near the end of the episode to discuss his research on Rose.

“I didn’t realize you were snooping around in my personal life as well, that is well out of order,” George yelled at Phil. I won’t conduct business with a rogue.

Phil replied, “All of that was for Linda’s ears, and all she needs to know is that your ex is still alive and you have done nothing to her.”

George questioned, “You find out something else,” as Phil continued, “What I said about the Spanish police was accurate up to a point.

Every time they performed their checks, they encountered a brick wall. No matter how deeply they dug, the same story kept coming up.

“She wasn’t who she said she was, mate. She was spinning you a line. I don’t know who you think you were shacked up with for all those years.

Nobody with the name Rose Knight and the information you provided has ever existed,

Fans, however, flocked to social media in droves to discuss the plot after the cliffhanger.

Many people seem to believe that George isn’t who he claims to be and that he has known Rose’s real identity the entire time.

He’s known all along, according to @Survivinthe20s’ theory about #eastenders.

“I don’t know if George is telling the truth; it’s hard for me to believe him,” said @Rosskiernan_. (sic)

I really like George, @josephfelldown added. I hope he doesn’t end up being a bad guy. Even though Colin Salmon seems to only do things for a year, he probably will. (sic)

I still don’t know if George is a good guy or a bad guy, tweeted @CatchesideSays. (And if Cindy’ll be coming back as a goodie!)” George’s cracking more and more each minute. The past is being revealed. #EastEnders,” Tom Gardner left a comment.

“Things are going to get interesting for George,” continued @vsekhon1.


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