Tuesday, October 3, 2023

EastEnders fans ‘work out’ Ian Beale exit as fan favourite returns


On Thursday’s episode of EastEnders, Ian Beale could be seen having fun with his ex-wife Cindy away from Walford.

The BBC soap opera EastEnders’ Ian Beale (played by Adam Woodyatt) has welcomed him back after a two-year absence, but viewers are worried about his likely demise after suffering a heart attack.

Fans also got to see familiar faces like Lauren Branning (Jacqueline Jossa) and Ian’s son Peter (Thomas Law) pay them a visit in their French home in addition to Ian and Cindy (Michelle Collins).

It didn’t take long for viewers to express their opinions, with many believing Ian could pass away after seeing the iconic roles return to the screen and his health deteriorating.

Ian can’t be dead, surely! @TVMusings22 wrote on Twitter. #Eastenders”

Added by @DavidMackayy I can just feel it in my bones: “Ian is the dead body at Christmas #Eastenders”

Theoretically, @typicallyross continued, “IAN’S DEAD.” (sic)

@flawedimperf expressed their delight at the return of Lauren and Peter, writing: “Honestly, #Eastenders pulling this off has got to be the greatest thing ever, like OG PETER and everything.”

“Omg, The Best Surprise, I’ve Got My Original Peter Back, Can We Have Him Back In The Square Now Guys?” @yasmin_ali10 further commented. Thomas Law, sr.

Commented @alanactor123: “Also please tell me Lauren and Peter are back permanently!!!!! #EastEnders”

Fans of the BBC series learned during the episode that Cindy had been hiding in another nation while under witness protection for tipping off someone by the name of Jackie Ford in prison.

Cindy was now free to resume her old identity after living a life as “Rose” after receiving word from an officer that the had passed away.

Cindy locked herself in the bathroom and argued about wanting to stay when Ian suggested going back to Walford when they were unsure of where to go.

But when Ian didn’t reply, she realized he had had a heart attack and found his lifeless body on the floor.

The medical professional informed Cindy that Ian was stable but might need to have a stent fitted before being taken to the hospital.

Ian watched a video that his son Bobby (Clay Milner Russell), who still resides in Walford, had posted on social media while he was sleeping in his bed.

He saw George Knight (Colin Salmon), his fiancée Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe), and George’s two daughters in the clip as the Queen Vic’s new owners.

Ian, however, was horrified when he realized that George and his daughters were the ones Cindy’s ex-husband and their two daughters were depicted on a postcard.

Will Ian have a change of heart now that he has discovered Cindy’s children reside in Walford, the town he suggested they return to?


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