Thursday, September 28, 2023

EastEnders fans ‘work out’ Reiss Colwell’s killer secret as he grows jealous over Sonia


Sonia Fowler, a stalwart of EastEnders, has been quite impressed by Reiss Colwell, Dot Cotton’s great-nephew.
When Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy), who has a history of bad luck in relationships, spent the night with Reiss Colwell (Jonny Freeman), it appeared that her luck had not improved. Unaware Sonia, however, is unaware that the newcomer has changed her mind.

Reiss will continue to be envious of Sonia’s new free-spirited lodger in the upcoming episodes.

Jed had a significant impact upon his arrival in Walford this week, upsetting Sonia right away with his dubious living practices.

When he instantly becomes popular with her neighbors, she starts to question whether she made the right decision in passing judgment.

Through the creation of a neighborhood text group, Jed wins the support of the Walford citizens.

In order to address the problem head-on, Reiss goes to Sonia’s house.

He quickly departs, though, since he is horrified by what he sees.

Reiss is joined by Sonia at The Vic, where she reassures him that recent events are not as serious as they seem.

Reiss advises Sonia to look for a new roommate after the green-eyed monster takes control.

Sonia struggles to decide when is the best time to inform Jed that it is time for him to go.

Reiss seizes the chance to find a means to kick Jed out of Sonia’s house.

He touches the nurse with his support, but can their friendship blossom into something more romantic?

Reiss recently made a trip to Walford to assist Sonia in maintaining Dot’s home when she received a hefty inheritance tax bill.

Although Reiss’ emotions for Sonia are obvious to EastEnders viewers, some people worry that he may have other intentions that could put the stalwart in danger.

Wondering whether Reiss will be a serial killer, Realseanslater tweeted: “He might kill off a major figure like honey or Ben Mitchell or someone, perhaps Karen Taylor perhaps? Interesting to see, I suppose. He would not, of course, be like Gray in #EastEnders. (sic)

“Either we’ve got fantastic intuition or Eastenders has just made us all paranoid asf,” SammitcheIl concurred. “What is Reiss actually turns into a serial killer, starting with Jed.” (sic)

Sukistraken said, “Reiss is going to kill.” I beseech you, Jed, hurry up and do it for #EastEnders.

“No, but why do I get the impression that Reiss is a covert bad guy? Eastendersbrit enquired, “#EastEnders?”

Leave Sonia alone, dude. She deserves some peace and quiet. Why is it always headaches, night shifts, and heartbreak.. #EastEnders?, wrote SammiSwinton.

Another hypothesis was put out by E20Launderette: “I can’t help but suspect that Reiss is there to rip Sonia off; to steal the house out from under her. I really hope he doesn’t succeed if that is it. #EastEnders.”


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