Thursday, September 28, 2023

EastEnders fans ‘work out’ Rose Knight’s identity and link to Christmas killer


Before learning the truth later this week, EastEnders viewers have been donning their detective hats to try to figure out who the enigmatic Rose Knight could be. Some of them believe they have discovered her true identity and have connected it to the impending Christmas murder.
Fans of EastEnders believe that Rose Knight, who has perplexed some viewers and residents of Walford, is actually Cindy Beale (played by Michelle Collins), who is about to make a startling comeback “from the dead.”

Some have gone so far as to connect the theory to the murder that occurred on Christmas Day.

On Christmas Day 2023, as seen in the BBC soap opera, some of the women of the Square gathered around a dead body at the Vic.

Only the victim’s gender was confirmed, and some have speculated that Cindy will return and murder someone later on in the year.

The new family of Walford Since their arrival, the Knights have brought a significant mystery with them: Rose Knight, the wife of George Knight (Colin Salmon), is missing.

The character’s impending reveal coincides with Cindy’s spectacular comeback alongside Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt).

Viewers have taken to social media to predict Rose’s alter ego, so this hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Some have even gone so far as to connect Rose and Cindy with the impending demise, as Twitter user @AarJaeWilliams put it: “Got to be something regarding the Christmas plot I wonder if on Thursday we could see a different angle that shows Rose in the wedding scene.” Something that, I hope, fits in well with #Eastenders.

The Christmas killer could not be Rose/Cindy, right?, wrote @Rosskiernan_. EastEnders, you’re right.

“Calling it: Rose is Cindy,” hypothesized @UnicornYeti96. The serious crime unit knocked on Callum’s door regarding a search because Cindy is under police protection, which explains why she can’t reach the girls. And why there is no trace in police databases, #Eastenders.”

“Gina is Cindy’s sister’s name; therefore, Gina must be the name of ‘Rose’ and ‘George’s’ daughter. Bobby also killed Lucy and likes Anna. Cindy would unquestionably despise Bobby for murdering her daughter and wouldn’t want him near her other daughter Anna, right? “#EastEnders,” tweeted @CrysTalksVlogs.

“#EastEnders Has anyone thought that this rose thing and the knight family may be a red herring, and someone completely unexpected died at Christmas?” added @guppy662.

Could Rose be the fabled Cindy, who will soon make a comeback to the Square? Does her story have any relevance to the Christmas death, too?


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