Tuesday, October 3, 2023

EastEnders fans ‘work out’ Vinny Panesar will die in devastating Christmas twist


Due to a flash-forward earlier this year, EastEnders viewers are aware that a male character will die around Christmas. Now, Vinny Panesar is thought to be the mysterious man by BBC viewers.

Vinny Panesar, portrayed by Shiv Jalota, has a good probability of becoming the body discovered on EastEnders this Christmas.

After her sexuality and secret relationship were made public this week, BBC viewers witnessed Vinny acting extremely cruelly and turning against his mother Suki (Balvinder Panesar).

Vinny’s actions have led some viewers to believe that he may pass away later this year. One viewer even asked, “What if Vinny is the dead body at Christmas?”

Someone else tweeted: “The way things are heading I’ve a horrible feeling it will be Vinny.”

After seeing this episode, a third admirer commented: “Honestly, Vinny needs to be the dead body at Christmas.”

A few people thought Vinny might alter his behaviour, kill his father, and protect his mother.

People have posted things such, “Please let Nish be the one on the floor at Christmas and let it be Vinny who ends him.”

One more made the following conjecture: “Theory: Vinny kills Nish at Christmas.”

After Nish (Navin Chowdhry) was overheard discussing some shady dealings in a previous episode, Vinny accused Suki and her lover Eve (Heather Peace) of being the ones to alert the police in Wednesday’s episode.

Vinny was certain that his mother was hiding something from him, so when the real truth emerged, he was somewhat taken aback.

Vinny sent a message of his own after discovering, after stealing Suki’s phone, that Eve had made multiple calls but left no messages.

Suki begged her son to believe that someone else must have reported Nish to the police because else their covert relationship with Eve would have been made public.

However, Suki noticed that Eve had sent her a text saying, “I wish keep you safe. I want to cheer you up. The truth was revealed to Vinny: “I just want to be with you.

Vinny was shocked by the information and reprimanded his mother for lying to him and having an extramarital affair.

Vinny told Suki he “hated her” and would spill the beans as soon as Nish was let out of the police station, despite the fact that he is aware of how stuck Suki is in her marriage and how terrified she is of Nish.

Concern has been raised that Vinny will be the male character to pass away in the Queen Vic this Christmas as viewers have seen this different side of him and how he appears to be turning more and more into Nish.

The murderer is one of six female suspects, including Suki, who are all known to the audience. Can Suki truly murder her own son?


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