Tuesday, October 3, 2023

EastEnders’ Freddie Slater urged to take action over health discovery


After his character was last seen leaving the Square with his mother Little Mo when he was just a young child, Freddie Slater of EastEnders visited Walford last year.

Fans of EastEnders have welcomed his return, and while Bobby Brazier’s character Freddie Slater is typically there to add humor to scenes, he will be involved in a more serious plot in upcoming episodes.

Fans of the BBC soap opera saw a softer side of Freddie a few weeks ago as he dealt with his past.

The visit was cathartic for Freddie as he spoke with a teacher who had called him stupid when he was younger and had left a lasting impression on him.

Mr. Hawthorne (William Ellis), the offending teacher, expressed regret and later admitted to Freddie that he thinks the student exhibits signs of ADHD.

Freddie appears to have forgotten about it, but according to official spoilers, it will be brought up again.

In yet-to-air scenes, Freddie sets his sights on assembling the ideal group of neighborhood residents to compete in a pub quiz at The Vic.

Freddie asks an unlikely person for assistance in doing so, but who could it be?

Later, the quiz begins, and the people of Albert Square compete to win.

However, the rivalry between Freddie’s team and Reiss Clowell’s (Jonny Freeman) team heats up quickly.

Freddie is presented with a referral card for ADHD by Mr. Hawthorne, who asks him to listen to what he has to say but who is met with resistance.

But later, his friend Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) convinces him to consult an ADHD expert.

Bobby notes that Freddie appears to exhibit many of the condition’s telltale signs.

Freddie previously broke down in tears and admitted that Jean Slater’s (Gillian Wright) comment about him not being “bright” was triggering for him.

He explained how Mr. Hawthorne used to make him feel stupid, and Jean apologized for making him feel so bad.

Freddie confronted his former teacher after the incident, who has since appeared to adopt a more sympathetic stance.

Will Freddie be more able to accept himself if he receives a formal ADHD diagnosis?

If the 18-year-old receives the assistance and support he requires, he might be able to continue living his life.


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