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Eastenders Gina and Anna Knight left confused as truth about mum exposed


Gina and Anna Knight from EastEnders have made a nice adjustment to their new lives in Walford, but they are about to experience the shock of their lives.

It was revealed after Cindy Beale’s (Michelle Collins) return that she was the real mother of Gina Knight (Francesca Henry) and Anna Knight (Molly Rainford), and the two were determined to learn the truth.

Cindy met George Knight (Colin Salmon) while she was serving a witness protection order as Rose Knight; they were wed for 15 years.

Cindy abandoned their two daughters, Gina and Anna, nine years ago out of concern that the people she was hiding from had located her.

The girls will learn about their mother’s false identity in upcoming scenes, which will leave them perplexed about who they are and why she would lie.

Recently, author Chris Clenshaw discussed how the girls react when they learn the truth with maiil.online and other media outlets.

Life sort of goes on in Walford, so George now knows that his wife of 15 years, who left him nine years ago, isn’t who she claimed to be, the speaker continued.

“It sort of flips his world upside down, and Gina and Anna quickly learn this too, and they react in very different ways.

“I believe Gina is somewhat of a mother’s child. She is very impulsive, just like her mother, and she reacts very differently from Anna.

“But what does this mean, obviously, since they have learned something about their mother that they hadn’t quite known—that their mother Rose Knight didn’t exist?

One of the girls sets out on a search for their mother, but whether she will be successful is unknown.

Michelle Collins, who plays Cindy, also briefly discussed meeting her new co-stars, stating: “I met Colin one evening.

And I just recently met the girls somewhere else because they started a lot earlier than I did and I already knew Harriet.

In later scenes, George comforts his two daughters, but as he reveals what actually occurred all those years ago, things get even worse.

Gina and Anna are devastated by their father’s actions, and the deception may split the family apart.

Could this encourage both daughters to investigate their mother’s background?

Could they go searching for her outside the Square?


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