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EastEnders horror as Kim Fox rushed to hospital after health turn


Kim Fox from EastEnders hasn’t been herself lately because of the damage her car accident with Denzel Danes has done to her mental health.

Kim Fox, a fan favorite on EastEnders (played by Tameka Empson), is frequently the one to inject humor into scenes on the BBC soap opera.

She has grown extremely frightened and anxious since her close call with death, though.

Kim’s stress levels rise in upcoming episodes as Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) approaches death.

She is rushed to the hospital in yet-to-air scenes after her health suddenly deteriorates.

Will she realize that she is actually ill? Or is she failing to take care of herself because her mental health has deteriorated?

In the upcoming weeks, Kim will attempt to put on a brave face, according to official BBC soap opera spoilers.

While she and her sister Denise Fox (Diane Parish) visit Lola, she makes an effort to hide her anxiety symptoms.

Even though Lola is incredibly weak, she is happy to see them and the women put on a good show of cheer to cheer her up.

Lola is overjoyed when her friends and neighbors stage a special greeting for her in the Square to let her know they are thinking of her.

Kim tries to put on a brave face when she is later confronted by a Kimfluencer fan in the salon, but she is having trouble.

Kim tries her best but eventually rushes out when her fan Adele asks her to record a birthday video for her daughter.

What might be causing the popular character’s health problems?

Kim collapses in the street, and Sonia Jackson (Natalie Cassidy) rushes to help before dialing 911.

Kim tries to stop her, but Sonia persuades her to describe her symptoms after which she advises Kim to visit A&E for a checkup. Kim’s symptoms could possibly be a sign of a more serious condition.

She has been attributing her panic to the fact that she has been feeling more anxious since the accident, but given that nurse Sonia suggests visiting the emergency room, it appears that something more sinister may be occurring.

With Lola’s tragic terminal illness, the court hearing for reckless driving, and Kim’s near-breakup with partner Howie Danes (Delroy Atkinson) as a result of the accident, she does have a lot on her plate.

Perhaps she is overwhelmed by everything and is hiding how much she is struggling.

It’s possible, though, that the hospital will find that she actually has poor physical health. Could Kim also be dealing with a hidden medical issue?


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