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EastEnders’ Keanu Taylor left for dead as Ravi Gulati plots revenge


Viewers of EastEnders will witness Keanu Taylor take up crime in order to give his son the best christening possible, but his actions have grave repercussions.
Since Danny Walters’ character Keanu (who is determined to be a good father to his son Albie) returned to EastEnders at the end of last year, viewers have been able to see this.

Although Sharon (Letitia Dean) initially expressed reluctance to allow him back into their lives, she has since become more amenable to the idea after Keanu suggested that their son get christened.

When he realized how expensive it would be, he quickly changed his mind and asked bad boy Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) for assistance.

Kaenu was overjoyed when Ravi agreed to let him observe a questionable delivery as a test, but in scenes that will air the following week, everything goes wrong.

On the eve of Albie’s baptism, Ravi reminds Keanu of the substantial pay on offer for the position.

Despite having second thoughts about carrying out the crime, Keanu’s decision was solidified when he saw the joint present that Martin Fowler (James Bye) and Zack Hudson (James Farrar) brought for his son.

Ravi tells Keanu he’ll be bringing drugs in white goods, and Keanu uses this as an excuse to meet them all at the church later.

He quickly parks outside and rushes inside the church because he is running late for the christening because the job is taking longer than anticipated.

However, the van alarm starts to sound during the ceremony, and Keanu and Sharon quickly run to fix the issue.

She is, however, left speechless by Keanu when the police are outside and ready to detain him for supplying.

Keanu’s mother Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) demands Sharon take action while Keanu is at the station, and once the shock wears off, she will eventually contact a lawyer.

Karen defends her son, telling everyone that he wouldn’t touch drugs as they try to figure out what’s going on.

Later at The Vic, Ravi overhears Sharon and Karen discussing Keanu and becomes alarmed that something is wrong.

When Keanu finally calls Sharon, he insists that everything is not as it seems because DS Barnes has offered him a way out of his predicament if he tells on his superiors.

When Keanu returns to the bar, Ravi confronts him and asks if he has information about them.

Ravi, who is adamant that he didn’t, calls a confidential number and tracks down Keanu right away to exact revenge.

Later, Keanu is discovered to be seriously injured by Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), who immediately calls for an ambulance as Sharon, who is in shock, arrives.

Sharon tells Phil in the waiting area that she believes Ravi is responsible for the entire incident, but Phil is not persuaded.

When Karen shows up, she lashes out at Sharon for pushing her son into crime so he could keep up. Bernie Taylor (Clair Norris) responds that he’s involved in things that none of them are aware of, which inflames the situation.

Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry) sees Sharon arguing with his son, and as she threatens to report Ravi to the police, he quickly realizes that Ravi is the one who attacked Keanu.

The police show up at Walford as Nish begins to reprimand Ravi for putting himself in a position to be thrown back inside.


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