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EastEnders’ Lexi Pearce struggles with grief in aftermath of Lola’s death


Lola Pearce passed away this week after a battle with cancer, leaving EastEnders fans inconsolable.

On Wednesday, Danielle Harold’s character Lola Pearce passed away while her small daughter Lexi Pearce (Isabella Brown) slept nearby.

While the young woman’s family will have a difficult time grieving her loss, schoolgirl Lexi will be particularly affected.

Following the touching moments, which continued on Thursday as Lexi’s father Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) sped home from America, EastEnders viewers were overcome with emotion.

Without her father, who was trying to discover a last-ditch way to keep Lola alive, she had to go through the agony alone.

On Thursday, Ben apologised to his daughter through tears; eventually, she appeared to accept his forgiveness.

According to official BBC soap opera spoilers, Lexi will begin to have trouble talking about her loss.

Ben tries to support his daughter through the catastrophe in scenes that have not yet aired.

After selling The Arches, he turns all of his attention to Lexi, but she won’t talk to him.

In an effort to get her enthusiastic about seeing Callum Highway (Tony Clay), he plans to take her for ice cream. However, Lexi is only interested in returning home to Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) and going to bed.

Ben and Jay then spend an emotional afternoon with Lexi and encourage her to talk about her feelings, their efforts helping Lexi to finally open up about what she is going through. Later, Jay invites Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) and Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) over to share out more items from Lola’s memory box with Ben. Callum counsels him to brave the subject of Lola and to allow grieving Lexi to talk about her mum.

It’s obvious that Jay is struggling in the middle of this overwhelming loss as his friends work to give him the willpower to carry on.

Will Jay be able to survive the horrible tragedy with the help of the others?

Despite opening up, Lexi could not have entirely forgotten her father’s absence from the scene when Lola passed away.

Can the bereaved family break through the despair and accept help from others?

After finally expressing her feelings, Lexi may be able to influence her adoptive father Jay to do the same.


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