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EastEnders Lisa Fowler set for return as star teases ‘plenty of drama’ for Keanu


Actress Lucy Benjamin is scheduled to make a shocking return to Albert Square as Lisa Fowler, and she will be accompanied by Keanu Taylor’s daughter Peggy.
Danny Walters’ character in EastEnders Keanu Taylor recently got engaged to Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean), the mother of his son Albhie.

The information that the grandmother of his other child will be visiting Albert Square again won’t be well received.

Four years ago, Lisa Fowler (Lucy Benjamin) briefly visited Walford after learning that her daughter Louise (Tilly Keeper) was expecting a child with Keanu.

At the time, she assisted her daughter in escaping to Portugal because Louise started to suspect her of being involved in Keanu’s “murder”.

However, after learning that he was having an affair with his pregnant wife Sharon, Phil (Steve McFadden) attempted to have him expelled off the property.

EastEnders has now announced that Lisa will make a surprise comeback, toting Peggy, her grandson and Keanu’s toddler daughter.

After departing for Portugal in 2019 with Louise and Peggy, I can’t wait to come back as Lisa, Lucy remarked.

Playing her is really a pleasure because, undoubtedly, in typical Lisa manner, she will add lots of drama for many of the characters.

Twenty years ago, Lisa was at the center of one of the biggest whodunnits on the program ever when she was infamously revealed to be the shooter who killed Phil Mitchell.

In a “who shot JR?”-style cliffhanger, the hardman, who had no shortage of enemies, was fatally shot on March 1, 2001.

Audiences were put in suspense for a full month before Lisa’s guilt was revealed.

She later left the Square with the infant Louise and has intermittently come back throughout the years.

Sharon and Keanu, who have finally found happiness in their relationship and recently had their son baptized, will undoubtedly experience issues as a result of this most recent visit.

Chris Clenshaw, the manager of EastEnders, has actually warned that trouble is coming for the marriage.

We couldn’t be happier to have Lisa return for a brief period of time as she and Peggy produce conflict between Sharon and Keanu, the happy couple, he said.

While Louise is still in Portugal, Tilly Keeper, who played the teen, went on to acquire a significant role after leaving the soap opera.

She most recently appeared in the newest You Netflix episode.

She portrayed Lady Phoebe, an aristocrat who was closest friends with Kate (Charlotte Richie), who ended up the focus of insane Joe played by Penn Badgely’s adoration.

EastEnders has been contacted by for comment regarding Lucy’s comeback.


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