Tuesday, October 3, 2023

EastEnders’ Lucy Beale ‘predicted’ Cindy was alive in resurfaced clip


Fans of EastEnders have found a fascinating clue “predicting” Cindy Beale’s “return from the dead” as a vintage scene has reappeared.

Loyal EastEnders viewers recently rediscovered a scene from about 16 years ago in which Melissa Suffield’s character, Lucy Beale, speculates that her mother, Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins), faked her own death.

Initially disregarded, Cindy’s prediction has now come true, and she is back on the BBC soap opera.

It has come to light that Cindy actually pretended to die.

Sadly, Lucy passed away in 2015 and will never know if she was right about her mother.

Viewers who watched the 2007 scenes again noticed how the “clue” from that year pointed towards the most recent twist.

Residents of Walford believed Cindy had perished in childbirth in 1998.

She was in prison at the time, and it has recently come to light that she actually entered witness protection.

The video clip depicts Steven Beale (Aaron Sidwell) speculating about the likelihood that their mother is still alive.

Well, she might still be alive, Lucy remarked. Perhaps she was forced to hide.

Peter Beale (Thomas Law), who insisted their father Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) wouldn’t lie to them, did not accept it.

Maybe that’s what he was also told, Lucy retorted. Just consider the possibility that she might be waiting for us outside.

The siblings eventually stopped talking about it, but it now appears that they were correct about their mother all along.

Cindy is now in contact with Ian and Peter again after it was discovered that she was actually hiding.

Sadly, Steven has since passed away, so Cindy will not be reunited with either of them.

Lauren Branning (Jacqueline Jossa), Peter, and Ian are currently traveling in France with Cindy.

The Knights, Cindy’s new family whom she also left behind ten years ago, have recently appeared in Walford and are residing in The Vic.

It seems inevitable that Cindy will return to the Square soon, but how will those who remember her react to her presence there?


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