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EastEnders’ Martin Fowler star questions Ruby Allen exit plot hole


Ruby Allen of EastEnders was taken to prison after Jean Slater falsely accused her on the BBC soap opera last year.
With one of the family’s youngest members, Lily Slater (played by Lilia Turner), becoming pregnant at the age of just 12, the Slater family is never far from drama. Although they weren’t initially in favor of her having the baby, mom Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) and step-dad Martin Fowler (James Bye) are now helping the child through the pregnancy. But fans will recall that Stacey and Martin’s conflict didn’t last long.

Ruby Allen (Louisa Lytton), Stacey’s former best friend, was dating her ex-husband Martin when she visited Albert Square in 2021 with her daughter Lily.

The ex-friends were giving each other death stares and picking each other apart constantly, which created a lot of tension.

In the meantime, Ruby was determined to conceive a child with Martin and succeeded in doing so.

The news thrilled the couple, but sadly, she had a miscarriage in private, keeping it a secret from everyone.

She and Stacey then got into another argument at Ruby’s, which is now Peggy’s, in the hallway.

Ruby tripped and fell down the stairs as Stacey watched in horror as she turned to leave.

Ruby furiously claimed Stacey pushed her down the stairs, losing the baby, despite the fact that she didn’t touch her.

Stacey persisted in yelling from the rooftops that she didn’t push Ruby, but no one listened to her, so she was imprisoned.

Ruby later grew close to Stacey’s mother Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) as she struggled to conceive after the miscarriage with no longer having her rival in the picture.

Ruby took drastic measures to ensure Stacey remained silent after telling Jean the truth during an overly emotional exchange.

Jean was anxious to get rid of the cannabis plants that Big Mo (Laila Morse) was keeping in the Slaters’ garage.

Shirley Carter (Linda Henry), a friend, was able to assist, but Ruby took advantage of the circumstance and reported Jean’s drug sales to the police.

Jean was detained, but she wasn’t going to take this lying down, so she told the police that Ruby had actually been the one who had given her the drugs in the first place.

Ruby was then taken into custody, but as she was being driven away, she made an attempt to tell Martin she was expecting.

As the police car departed Walford, Ruby clutched her stomach, showing that she was telling the truth when he initially believed she was lying to escape the mess she had created.

James Bye, who plays Martin Fowler, recently told that he was interested in learning what happened to Ruby after she was charged.

I want to know what happened to the child Ruby had, he said.

“I’m not sure if they had any intentions of bringing the baby back after Ruby left with it. However, some crazy things are coming “He went on.

“With EastEnders, even though they excel at bringing the material, you just never know. Right now, it’s a great place to be.”

No information has been released regarding Ruby’s potential future return to EastEnders as of yet.

But it doesn’t seem likely that this will be relevant anytime soon given the plot line involving Lily’s pregnancy.

Bye also hinted that future scenes starring him and Turner might show their characters Martin and Stacey getting closer once more.

Added him: “Chris [Clenshaw], the executive producer, does a fantastic job of dropping hints without giving too much away. Knowing some of the new information as an actor…

“Stacey is the subject of some storylines. Stacey and Martin develop a strong bond.

“They have a good storyline coming up, but I won’t say how—romantically or not. Of course, we are aware of the impending birth.”


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