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EastEnders’ Max Bowden posts moving personal message amid Lola story


In the soap opera, actor Max Bowden is now portraying difficult circumstances for his character Ben Mitchell.

In the midst of Lola Pearce-Brown’s heartbreaking plotline on EastEnders, actor Max Bowden has sent a touching statement.

As he tries to care for his daughter Lexi Pearce (Isabella Brown), her ailing mother Lola Pearce-Brown (Danielle Harold), and his closest friend and Lola’s husband Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick), his character Ben Mitchell has recently been seen struggling with an eating issue in silence.

Ben, however, has become more hostile towards everyone around him as he has struggled, and he has also come to feel more alone and alienated.

On Thursday night, the actor Max Bowden shared a footage of Ben’s desperate hospital encounter with Dr. Washington as he unsuccessfully looked for a miracle treatment for Lola without her knowing on Instagram.

Later in the same episode, Ben left Albert Square for America in an effort to seek Lola medical attention. Viewers are aware that he will not find a miracle, nevertheless.

This footage is from tonight’s programme, wrote Bowden. The plot of this narrative has been the most difficult I’ve ever experienced. My closest buddy in the entire world passed away from an unidentified brain cancer 21 months ago. We spoke for an hour on the phone about Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United on Friday. 24 hours later, he fell into a coma and never regained consciousness.

“Telling this story with Lola has made it easier for me to deal with this sadness, which has been the most tumultuous, overpowering, and impossible thing I have ever had to overcome.

“When we lose someone, we never know how we’re going to feel or how we’re going to change,” the actor concluded. Ben isn’t an outlier.

He is a challenging individual. filled with complexity, insecurities, and pain. We can become monsters out of fear. This has received a lot of attention, which is great because it’s precisely what we intended to represent. It’s to the writing team and the story team’s credit that each Mitchell is handling it quite differently.

“Playing a role doesn’t pay the bills.” I concur with his decisions, but we can all recognise that loss affects individuals differently. I’m grateful for all the kind words.

The well-known EastEnders actor sent viewers and his coworkers a moving farewell in his final statement.

“Oh, and gentle reminder to be kind,” Bowden added, “[thumbs up emoji] really proud of our Eastenders team for their constant good work and ambition to tell tough stories. X”

Lola will leave Albert Square the next week while Ben continues his search for a miraculous treatment. Will Ben return in time to assist his daughter and say goodbye to his dear friend?


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