Tuesday, October 3, 2023

EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell issues warning to Alfie Moon over health secret


Since recent episodes showed Alfie Moon getting tests, viewers of EastEnders are aware that he is about to receive a prostate cancer diagnosis. He hasn’t told anyone but Phil Mitchell about the news, though he is still having trouble understanding it.

Alfie Moon (played by Shane Richie), a fan favorite on EastEnders, has been informed that he likely has prostate cancer and will need to undergo additional testing.

Alfie hasn’t told anyone else, but Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) was able to get the truth out of him.

Despite the fact that the two had previously been sworn enemies, Phil has helped Alfie through his health scare.

In upcoming episodes of the BBC soap opera, Phil will keep pressuring Alfie to keep his appointments and disclose his cancer.

In yet-to-air episodes, Phil invites Alfie to join the boys for a kickabout in an effort to get him to open up.

Phil explains to Alfie that he needs to take his health seriously for his children by pointing out that other children on the Square, like Lexi Pearce (Isabella Brown), don’t have the luxury of having two parents. Alfie continues to be evasive about his impending MRI.

Phil keeps putting pressure on Alfie and says he’s going to have his prostate checked because his father Eric passed away from prostate cancer.

The men leave for the hospital for their individual tests, and Alfie later expresses his gratitude to Phil for his assistance.

Will Phil be able to persuade Alfie to tell Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) and his kids the bad news? The two seem to have developed an unlikely friendship over the ordeal.

The upbeat Albert Square favorite appears determined to keep his health condition a secret from those closest to him, but given that Phil told Alfie about the passing of his father, might he be moved to do the same?

The depressing plot has already elicited reactions from fans, some of whom have pleaded with Alfie to be honest with his family.

Oh Alfie, a tweet from @yasmin_ali10 on Twitter read. Phill has a good heart, and he hopes Linda is aware of the truth as well. #EastEnders.” (sic)

“I feel for Alfie #Eastenders,” tweeted @lambbiryani, and “loved seeing Alfie back on screen in Monday’s #Eastenders great stuff from #ShaneRichie,” added @darrennpassey. I can’t believe what’s going to happen; after Lola’s passing, there will be another depressing plot.

Before going to the gym, Alfie needs to inform his friends and family about his potential prostate cancer, according to @mikepriestley13. #EastEnders.”

“So Alfie’s new storyline has started, fantastic performances from Shane Richie in Tuesday’s #EastEnders,” @darrennpassey continued.

Despite the fact that they are both very funny and great together, I really like Kat & Phil together and hope they end up getting married. Alfie and Kat may become friends during his storyline, but I hope she stays with Phil on #EastEnders, tweeted @Jamiefly19. (sic)


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