Thursday, September 28, 2023

EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell makes discovery about George Knight’s ex Rose


Since George Knight, a newcomer, and his two kids appeared in Walford, viewers of EastEnders have grown increasingly inquisitive about him. Linda Carter is quite wary of the former boxer, but potential future episodes could provide some clarification on George’s past.

In yet-to-air sequences, Linda Carter (Kellie Bright as Linda Carter) persuades Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) to look into George Knight (Colin Salmon).

As long as he has lived with them at The Vic, Linda has been sceptical of her mother Elaine Peacock’s (Harriet Thorpe) fiancé.

However, she hasn’t yet turned up any dirt on him to support her suspicions.

Linda enlists Phil’s assistance in an effort to persuade Elaine not to wed George.

Linda’s worries intensify when he persuades Callum Highway (Tony Clay) to utilise his police resources to learn more.

Elaine will be busy organising a “Battle of the Dads” karaoke contest at The Vic in upcoming episodes.

Linda continues to be wary of George and tells Phil about Rose, George’s wife, and her absence.

Phil finally decides to do what he can to make sure he isn’t doing business with someone he can’t trust after some convincing.

To ease Linda’s concerns, Phil persuades Callum to scan the police database.

Callum’s inquiries are fruitless because George has a reasonably spotless record.

He is perplexed to discover that all access is forbidden when he searches for Rose.

When Linda learns about the most recent revelation, she is convinced it shows George is dishonest.

Phil also directly questions George about Rose while inviting him to a fight at the Boxing Den.

George claims Linda has misunderstood him and that there is nothing to say.

Phil starts to put off signing the agreement with George and soon enlists his attorney Richie to look into Rose.

Phil charges George with lying to him when he shows up at The Vic under the pretence that they would finish the contracts.

What details about George’s past does he learn? Could the discovery of Rose show that Linda was right to doubt the newcomer?


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